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let your beers hang out and chill with new refrigerator magnet \"bottleloft\"

by:Newland     2019-09-11
Have you ever thought about hanging beer in the fridge with a magnet to create more storage?
\"BottleLoft\" is a new type of magnetic strip, which is used frequently.
The space at the top of the refrigerator to store the bottle was wasted.
The invention appears in the form of a 8 inch long plastic strip attached to the ceiling of the refrigerator.
Each bar is equipped with three steel cups equipped with N52 nd magnets.
Up to 3 magnets per magnet.
6 lbs in weight (the average 12-
An ounce bottle weighs 1.
2 pounds according to the designer)
It means there is no risk of drink falling and crushing cheese.
Magnet leloft, a product of Magnet company Brian Conti, \"as strong as a bull\", is currently available on crowdfunding site Kickstarter, where it has already set the initial $20,000
BottleLoft can be ordered starting at $20 and products are expected to be shipped in January 2015.
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