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Let's take a look at why powerful magnet demagnetization

by:Newland     2020-04-27
Powerful magnet, is refers to the ndfeb magnet. It compare in ferrite magnets, alnico, samarium cobalt magnetic function greatly exceeds the several other magnets, ndfeb magnet can adsorption weight has 640 times the weight of itself, so the ndfeb by outsiders often referred to as a powerful magnet, strong magnet magnetization and demagnetization, is able to do as a result of the magnet itself, or will bring some magnetic. So we can according to the status of the powerful magnet using different proposed must approach for demagnetization method, high temperature demagnetization method: high temperature demagnetization method above is put into operation in the high temperature furnace for heating, through the processing of high temperature will be powerful magnet magnetic away, but in the process of heating due to the effect of high temperature will directly result in magnets inside the big change in the structure of the object changes. Therefore chooses this kind of demagnetization method generally used for about invalid and take back the magnets. This operation is very simple is to strong intense sensation of powerful magnets, through sensation again after the operation of the magnet, the changes in the internal structure of this approach and then change the magnet physical into generally choose the demagnetization method does little, only a minority of demagnetization can use for the time being. The demagnetization method is to speak the magnet in the magnetic field can occur communication in space, in trouble after through communication field, the magnet internal structure will be upset, and then to reach the demagnetization effect, by this way is more common demagnetization. The above three kinds of methods about strong magnet demagnetization useful, but we are still in usual preferred communication demagnetization method than high temperature demagnetization method and oscillation demagnetization method the role of the high efficiency of demagnetization, most is now in use in the industrial production methods.
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