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LED the magnet will replace the traditional screws _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-29
Magnets are widely used in the installation of renovation and maintenance of LED to absorb dome light, is used to replace traditional screw fixation, convenient to move LED point light source, emits light at right angles. Such as Yu Yunjo and Kim Seunghyun design & other; The stars on the ground & throughout; Have generally exists in camping tents, the characteristics of the magnetic makes the point light source in a tent at any move, the stars and not affect sleep. Can move the light body at any time, in the wild, mineral and other natural conditions, to avoid the big screws, but also save resources, in line with the contemporary green concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. In order to make the lamp body can be firmly fixed in the position of want, general Led using a permanent magnet, the magnetic materials can be divided into & other; Metal and alloy magnetic materials & throughout; There are a & other; Ferrite magnetic materials & throughout; 。 Meet in other material, permanent magnet is a kind of strong magnetic material, compared with children hand tool on the market, its magnetic force is several times or more, or even hundreds. After make the lamp to absorb will only than screw tight. Not only that, at the same time, the permanent magnet can have very strong coercive force, has a strong anti-interference ability, in the natural environment and general environment, is is also cannot affect its time, it ensures the stability of the lamp, the great degree in the corresponding screw, will be loose in the use of a period of time. And after using the magnet, the magnet itself has the rare metal elements, its stable inert metal element ensures that it is not subject to corrosion of the outside world, coupled with the electroplating processing surface for daily life of all kinds of material have been immune, compared with the appearance of the screw is strong out of more than one level. Magnets used in all kinds of security, are completely superior to screw, is gradually update, time in advance.
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