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by:Newland     2019-09-07
Looking for a simple project to help you start the leather craft?
This project may be exactly what you want.
In this project, you will learn the basics of craftsmanship while creating a gift that can be personalised to taste.
Tool: Material: you will notice that the pattern has two lines, solid and dotted.
The solid line is your cutting line and the dotted line is your stitching reference and we will use it at the back of this project.
Once your pattern is cut, you can transfer it to the leather of your choice.
In this example, we use 1mm of the skin grafting.
Ideally you need to keep the thickness of the leather at 1-1. 5mm.
Once you have cut the pattern from the leather of your choice, it is time to mark and punch.
Please note that in the photo above I just punch in half of the pattern and we do this because it will make sure the holes are aligned more clearly later.
This step is optional, but for me this is the step to make this product unique.
With brass seals, you can send custom text or images to the product.
In the example below I used heat and pressure to reliefs the leather, however, in the header image I used the same technique but added a little color with gold foil.
I will talk to you through the two processes below and let you decide which way you want to go.
If you have skills, you can order brass stamps through many websites or even make them yourself (
I wouldn\'t recommend this tho)
I would be happy to advise you on where to buy these products if needed. Embossed -
This product is most suitable for hot foil in leather with vegetable tanning
Work on all leather. Using a hot foil machine is the best option, however, you may still be able to achieve good results without some practice.
The steps below will try to explain what is needed to achieve good results without a machine.
I recommend practicing on multiple shards of the same leather to get a better idea of the required heat/pressure/time mix.
There are many different types of glue on the market, and their goal is to be stronger or better than all the other glue, but the truth is, find something that works for you and stick to it. (pun intended).
In this example, I used adhesive glue from my local hardware store, but, water-
Glue based on leather is also effective.
Keep in mind if you are using chemical glue to use the right safety device.
You can now punch holes on the other side of the leather.
We\'re going to use a method called saddle stitching to fix the sides together, a traditional technique that produces a very long stitch that lasts.
Sewing Thread Needle (BASICS)
If you struggle with my basic instructions, you can find a lot of videos online that will help you understand better.
Once you have stitched the magnet, you need to finish the edge to give a professional feel.
You can finish the edges of the leather in a number of ways, but when we use the vegetable tanned leather in this project, we will use a process called polishing to polish it.
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