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Kitchen good helper, magnet type self-sealing floor drain

by:Newland     2020-04-27
There is a good helper in the kitchen cooking will make you more convenient and comfortable ~ small make up to today and you talk about who is the helper! ! ! ! Kitchen good helper magnet type self-sealing floor drain: magnet floor drain is a self-styled floor drain, floor drain switch using gravity and magnetic control, so as to achieve the purpose of the drainage. This kind of floor drain has the characteristics of the water quickly. It is through the use of two pieces of magnet is magnetic and gasket to seal. Floor drain open when there is water, no water when closed. Magnet floor drain is suitable for use in the kitchen, because the magnet easy impurities and adsorption by hair, therefore cannot be installed in the bathroom. If swallowed more than a child of a powerful magnet, the magnet will attract each other across the intestinal wall, causing intestinal perforation, the need for emergency surgery or even deadly. Report shows that young children often swallow this kind of magnet. Some older children and teenagers will be after the magnets used in imitating the lip ring or lip ring accidentally swallowed it. Currently, the Australian competition and consumer commission ( 以便 With fair trade office (Queensland 公平交易办公室) Cooperate with all known about this kind of magnet supplier contact, emphasize the increasing serious injury report, and how to solve the problem for a meeting. The ACCC advice at the same time, parents and caregivers should ensure that contains powerful small but powerful magnet magnetic toys or adult novelty decoration away from young children; And told the older children don't have strong magnetic small magnets in or placed in the mouth, nose, or could be near the site of intake. If children are suspected might be swallowed magnets, parents should immediately seek emergency medical aid in order to reduce the possibility of serious injury and degree. Magnet experts to find and package your satisfaction, more magnets can view our company website WWW information. yirongciye。 com/。 This article rigorous reproduced, if there are any violation, the consequence is proud! Magnet, powerful magnets, special-shaped magnets, magnet manufacturer,
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