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keep your tech handy with sugru + magnets + the queen!

by:Newland     2019-10-01
Whether you\'re on a long trip or just going to the store, it\'s always good to have your technology close at hand.
This project shows you how to use the Sugru magnet to keep your phone and GPS device where you need it. :)
Okay, let\'s explain.
Recently, we realized that some coins in the UK are magnetic (
1 p, 2 p, 5p and 10 p).
They are not as strong as the second magnet, but perfect for some applications.
In fact, all kinds of metal objects can be used. . .
This means that you can double your Sugru magnet kit by simply replacing the Queen\'s head with a magnet! (
For people outside the UK, washing machines or other magnetic things can also work)
The phone stand we used.
The x1 small package of Su Ru-
Buy some Su Ru
X1 nd disc magnet-
We used magnets in the Sugru magnet kit-
British copper x1 (
Washers can also work)
GPS stand we use
X2 diner in Sugru
X2 nd disk magnet-
X2 UK copper checked our other \"I\" words using our Sugru magnet kit
Including How to Make Awesome snapshots
Reduce your space in bike lights and this smart way.
The most important tip: One minipack of sugru is enough to connect two coins or two magnets.
Cut the mini bag of sugru into two equal parts.
Squeeze a piece on the back of the coin and press it into a pyramid shape.
Then press the magnet carefully but firmly on the phone so that the sugru will squeeze out around the edge of the magnet. (
It\'s so satisfying to enjoy this moment! )
Tip: Make sure the surface you are applying sugru is clean.
Using the method in step 1, build a sugru pyramid on the back of the magnet and attach it to the dashboard of the car.
We also added a little sugru to keep the phone stable.
Leave sugru completely cured for 24 hours.
Then enjoy your new snapshoton phone mount!
Use the method in step 1 to connect the two coins to the bottom of the GPS device.
Use coins to measure and mark where you want your GPS to sit on the dashboard.
Top tip: make sure the coins on the GPS match the magnets on the dashboard to make sure the shooting is enjoyable!
Install two magnets on the dashboard.
Let sugru heal completely for 24 hours before use.
Enjoy your new snapshoton GPS mount.
To keep it tidy, we also attached a coin to the GPS cable.
If you find any other clever little use of the sugru magnets in the car or anywhere else, we would love to hear about them.
Thank you for being part of the sugru community.
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