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Judgment method of magnet poles _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-29
A piece of magnet no polar identification, its N, S symbol can't see, so can't distinguish the north and south poles. How to identify the magnet poles? 1, with a string tied in the middle, level of magnet suspension, resting points to the North Pole for the N pole, pointing to the South Pole for the S pole. 2, near a magnet end has magnetic pole magnets, rejection, is the same as the known magnetic pole, attraction, and the known alternating polarity. Magnet portion of the strongest magnetic pole. A no small magnets have two poles, a pole is called the North Pole, N) , a pole, called the South Pole, S) 。 Between the poles like poles repel each other, the phenomenon of opposite poles attract each other. The earth is a giant magnet, it also has two poles. The position of the two poles and the Antarctic and arctic is very close to earth, people called the earth's magnetic pole near the North Pole magnetic pole, the other pole is called geomagnetic North Pole.
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