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john walsh: btw (29/10/10)

by:Newland     2019-09-12
We know some people used
Communicate for shaky reasons, but this is ridiculous.
\"From Melbourne\" tells the story of a single mother, TV commercial actress Libby Ashby.
She was not enthusiastic when asked to advertise the awareness of erectile dysfunction, but needed money.
In a commercial advertisement, she saw her legs made with a souvenir that her husband had successfully repaired --
When the voiceover makes a sound, I can take a cookie jar on the shelf, \"take the right step towards an erection problem.
Now her local church has dissolved her.
In the title of the Catholic Church, nine sins condemn you for being expelled from the church.
They include heresy, apostasy, division and the use of force against the Pope.
You know, I don\'t remember mentioning cookies.
* Oliver is now the most popular boy name in England and Wales.
It\'s not surprising when one thinks of how many ethical oligarchs there are in the public mind: Reed, twist, stone, and Jamie.
But what is even more shocking is that British children have a large number of senior titles.
In the past year, there have been 16 kings, 68 princes, 8 Duke, 11 count, 4 Baron and 4 Lords.
This is not a patch on the girl.
Among the new daughters, there are 109 princesses, seven Queens and five ladies.
Why impose this noble albatross on a child who is an unreasonable burden on them?
There\'s a lot to do with Mr. Jackson, the latfa MS and the Gaga MS.
* Think about it for the student from duseldorf, who decided to hang the bike on the ceiling with a magnet instead of leaning against his digging wall.
Unfortunately they are super
The strong nd magnet, which can attract a hundred pounds of weight, is only suitable for industrial experiments.
When the second one was untied, it flew over the room, caught his brother, pressed the guy\'s finger between them, and broke his distal phalanx.
Firefighters arrived, but special cutting equipment was glued to the magnet (duh! )
The same is true of steel support on war boots.
The solution is a rubber mallet and a wooden wedge.
Children, don\'t try this at home.
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