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is magnetism a source of green energy?

by:Newland     2019-09-03
Anyone who tries to put two magnets together feels the amazing power of magnetism.
If the magnets have the opposite poles, they attract each other so strongly that they may jump off your grip and slide over the floor.
On the other hand, if they share polarity, they are mutually exclusive.
With such a huge intangible energy reserve, isn\'t magnetism a source of efficient, green energy?
Using magnetism to generate energy is an idea that has existed for many years.
Several companies on the Internet claim to have produced magnetic perpetual motion devices that are completely independent, unlimited and never stop operating.
However, physicists have been warning that this device is not possible.
The idea that a machine can generate energy without first being driven by an external source violates the first law of thermodynamics.
In addition, it is alleged that machines operating indefinitely without friction and without the need for a cooling system violate the second and third laws of thermodynamics.
Although perpetual motion generators are theoretically impossible, new research suggests that magnetism may play an important role in many other emerging cleaning technologies.
Recently, scientists at the University of Michigan concluded that it is possible to collect solar energy directly using a magnetic field without the need for semiconductors, which may reduce the cost of [solar]
Source: EPOnline].
The researchers are also working on other green technologies involving magnetism.
One day in the near future, we may charge the magnetic battery with a few violent shocks.
Researchers at Yale University also invented
Free welding of molten tin using a magnetic field --silver alloy.
Removing lead solder from household electronics will make them cleaner, greener and recyclable.
Last but not least, engineers at Columbia University are experimenting with nano-magnetic materials to improve the energy efficiency of computer chips.
Is Magnetism a source of green energy? Sort of.
Magnetism itself does not provide a new green energy source.
However, it is clear that for many renewable sources it can play a significant role in reducing costs and improving efficiency.
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