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Iron chromium cobalt magnet ( Processing methods applied physics parameters)

by:Newland     2020-04-12
Iron is cobalt chromium cobalt and chromium metal alloys. Cobalt chromium alloy has high specific strength, often used in gas turbine, dental implants and orthopaedic implants, this material can be processed and malleable, the manufacturer of this kind of magnet is less. Iron chromium cobalt magnet how processing? It has excellent machining performance. It can detect, drilling, grinding, punching processing, etc. Iron chromium cobalt magnet can be done in the thinnest thickness? Cobalt chromium iron can be made into small and complex shape parts. Minimum diameter of 0. 5 mm, the thinnest thickness of 0. 1mm。 According to user requirements to add on the surface of the finished product component coating. Parts can also use metallic grinding, the surface gloss. Iron chromium cobalt magnet main application fields is introduced; Because of cobalt chromium iron has good magnetic and mechanical properties, is widely used in different fields. In civilian areas, for example, it is made into the door sensors, high-speed copiers in electronic communication, can make magnetic hysteresis motor, computer embroidery machine, relay, mobile phone buzzer and so on, also used in household appliances, such as speakers, TV, hearing AIDS and electronic magnetic lock, alarm, etc. Iron chromium cobalt magnet physical parameter that is about the processing method of iron chromium cobalt magnet, application field and related physical parameters is introduced, data compilation in the Internet. This site related iron chromium cobalt magnet articles; What is the iron chromium cobalt magnet? Iron chromium cobalt magnet ( Characteristics of usage performance table)
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