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Iron chromium cobalt magnet ( Characteristics of usage performance table) - - - - - - Ricky magnet card factory

by:Newland     2020-03-14
Iron chromium cobalt magnet, and this kind of material of the magnet? Haven't heard of how? Do you have this kind of question? Small make up today about the iron chromium cobalt magnet project to introduce this magical magnet, about its characteristics, performance parameters of the table, the application field, heat resistance, which shapes can be processed? Abnormity, etc. You can do issues of concern. First of all to say iron cobalt chromium have the characteristics of what? 1, high temperature resistant. Curie temperature about 680 ℃, the highest working temperature 400 ℃, so it can stay under 400 degrees magnetic not decline. 2, mechanical processing performance is good. For drilling, cutting, drilling, milling, planing, grinding, stamping and other mechanical processing, so alien is no problem. 3, resistant to impact. Such as ndfeb magnetic materials are crisp, cobalt and chromium iron with than any other material is not easy to be broken, not easy to crack. 4, magnetic requirements can be adjusted according to customer needs ( You can make it a hard magnetic) 。 5, but make it complicated shape, size precision. Cobalt chromium iron table performance, performance parameters of the table. Iron chromium cobalt magnet is mainly used in what respect? Cobalt chromium iron is mainly used for aircraft instruments, ship instrumentation, automotive instrumentation, magnetic compass, petroleum logging tool, liquid level indicator, signal generator, alarm, counters, embroidery machine, hearing AIDS, brake, etc. Iron chromium cobalt ( FeCrCo) Permanent magnet alloy iron chromium cobalt magnet can make what shape picture? Can be processed into cylindrical, circular, bowl, the magnet ( Belt) , square and other shapes. Iron chromium cobalt magnet density? Density of 7. 7 - 7. 8g/cm3。 Above is about iron chromium cobalt magnet is introduced, a relatively perfect, edited by Ricky magnet card factory xiaofu, if you have iron chromium cobalt copper price, sample demand welcome to contact us.
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