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Introduction to rare earth ndfeb magnet industry development direction in the future

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Ndfeb development prospects? Ndfeb strong magnet industry is relatively wide, why say more partial door, because we usually see the magnets are belong to the speaker magnet, is a black permanent magnetic ferrite magnets, magnet mainly four categories, the most commonly used is usually with permanent magnetic ferrite magnets, rare earth ndfeb strong magnet and a higher level of samarium cobalt magnet and alnico magnets, there are special magnet is - in Iron chromium cobalt magnet, behind the three relative to use less, but because of the expensive price, more for high-end digital products and electronic products. Rare earth ndfeb strong magnet through the effective control over the past two years, prices leveled off, rare earth mineral resources reasonable development and utilization of effective control, rare earth magnet material production is gradually stabilized, the market cost of raw materials, and then, ndfeb strong magnet products price is relatively stable, into the network era, the price of the product is very transparent, when everyone's quality of the products are all the same, the product price is transparent, naturally quotes online, just put a product in the price advantage is obvious, so the product competition by product, competition by quality products. In the face of severe market competition, the price of ndfeb strong magnet also easy, this form of two years of market is not good, the magnet product development into a white-hot stage, each manufacturer in the face of bad production environment, have to be the bottom price, because the factory production capacity is limited, only belongs to the simple mode of product processing, special product without their advantage, since an enterprise to survive, the only way is to use price with service to maintain the survival of a factory, for the order. Conversely, if the manufacturer can fundamentally solve the problem of its own, beyond its production technology, product quality from the product superiority on break through its own problems, the passive to active, when their own products and quality advantages, the enterprise itself have the initiative right, facing the customers, enterprises have enough voice, can not only avoid the price on the product competition, but also firmly grasp the customer demand for products, long-term cooperation and development. Throughout the development of various enterprises, all based on technology to promote products, products to occupy the market, to market to drive the development of the enterprise, therefore, when an enterprise to start a price war, rather than as a breakthrough product technology for the development direction, so, the development of the enterprise also can't see hope, because the market is brutal, competition is the reality, the low-end products to adapt to market development needs and face elimination, enterprise development, to update products, technical breakthrough, to meet the market development needs, meet customer demand for products, enterprises must break through the technology break through the existing mode of production. More about ndfeb strong magnet article 1, the application of high performance ndfeb permanent magnet material 2, how about the price of ndfeb magnets can buy cheap?
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