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Introduction to powerful magnet therapy ( Magnetic therapy) role

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Since the 21st century, people pay attention to accumulate over a long period of health, medical commodities appear again and again, during which a strong magnet and become the hottest a health protection technique, many businesses in the stunt tempt consumers purchase of magnetic therapy can cure, real situation as merchants to promote? Today on magnetic therapy as an example of a powerful magnet magnetic therapy mat come together with everybody see, magnetic therapy, after all, have what effect? Magnetic therapy mat can cure all diseases? In fact, magnetic therapy with before very long history in China. In the spring and autumn period and the warring states period, claims that the imperial doctor que used magnets to treat uterine prolapse, deal with the pain of many women. This should be magnetic therapy the earliest recorded. In the medical profession, in know is magnetic therapy USES powerful magnets is swelling, pain, in part aimed at key parts during healing, or healing effect is not significant. Some clinical part especially hematoma, edema of the limbs, if the condition is different, separate treatment of measurement on demand. For magnetic therapy to cure all ills, did not find various literatures, some recovery of hospital director as the author said: 'let's do with powerful magnet magnetic therapy is usually a partial detumescence, heal when demand on disease place, otherwise the effect will be not significant. Clinically is no cure-all, moreover, this kind of view is not scientific cure-all. 'I asked again, magnetic field can improve blood circulation? The director said, 'is the focus of the magnetic field by the magnetic field on the permeability of cell membrane modification, the swelling has improved, but not the patient needs to improve blood circulation. If be tumor patients, there is no principle of doing these healing must risk happens, could cause tumor carrying, the condition became worse. 'In foreign countries, the use of a powerful magnet with magnetic therapy have been reported, and points out that high intensity magnetic therapy is not a certain security, endless high intensity magnetic field, there will be some vice effect, such as fatigue, it is easy to sleep, to speed up cell death and so on, but we cannot deny magnetic therapy health care effect. Already, magnetic therapy is not a cure-all, magnetic therapy bed then? It really is what? Magnetic therapy can really cure certain diseases that we do not deny that the reasonable deployment of magnetic field intensity on the human body cadbury, and so, the real magnetic therapy bed is necessarily have high-tech, magnetic field intensity can reasonable combination. Intelligent magnetic therapy bed are health bedding, who to heal diseases that are not credible. In the mall of magnetic therapy bed, only like and also magnetic therapy bed goods for health care rather than cure, don't have much. Sincerely calling on the government to examine entrap consumer businesses. If, businesses can do and also, don't exaggerate its magnetic therapy bed effect, only be used for health care bedding, we look forward to that. Similar to this article; The role of ndfeb magnet magnetic therapy
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