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Introduction to magnet material rare earth mine in our country

by:Newland     2020-04-08
Precious rare earth mine belongs to the non-renewable mineral resources, has a 'golden industry' the laudatory name, it is a kind of have a combination of electrical, magnetic, optical and biological resources, and other characteristics of the new function, use common, also known as 'industrial vitamin'. , high magnetic effect is one of the rare earth mine development and application of magnetic materials. Insufficient according to statistical analysis, the city historical strong magnet trading up to more than $100, occupy half native land market in the pearl river delta. In daily life, a strong magnet is widely used, such as fine surface, bags leather goods, mobile communications, audio equipment and many other aspects. On average a person's life need 1 kg of strong magnet. Strong magnet material has jumped nearly 500%, rare earth ore resources are rich in our country, now China's exports of rare earths in number among the top of the world. In an article: how to customize need the sink hole shape of the magnet? Next article: high quality magnets manufacturers
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