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Introduction of sintered ferrite purposes

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Ferrite permanent magnet material with sintering and injection molding ( Binding) , including sintering is divided into dry pressure with wet, this is about classification of hard ferrite magnetic, of course, ferrite soft magnetic, not introduce here, said today the main hard magnetic sintering ( Ceramic) Ferrite magnets. The purpose of the sintered ferrite magnets can you the first time will think of the horn on the stereo, indeed, such use is much above, a lot of people for the first time may also be a strong magnet in some speakers, headphones, speakers. Then sintered ferrite was often used in where? 1, the motor vehicle. Such as auto starter motor, fuel pump motor, fan motor, wiper motor, window-adjusting motor, lift glass, etc. 2, household electrical appliances such as air conditioning, television sets, washing machines, dishwashers, smoke lampblack machine, notebooks, treadmill, massager, VCD/DVD, etc. 3, speakers this much, such as all kinds of audio, speakers, receiver. 4, sensors, a variety of sensors, recommend reading the what kind of sensor with a magnet? '5, intelligent household door magnetic sensors, magnetic levitation series products, electric curtains, intelligent security system, dishwasher, intelligent robot sweep the floor, etc. 6, packaging printing, moon cake box, color box, packing box, gift box, cosmetic box, tissue boxes. 7, electronic hardware, hardware accessories, hardware accessories. 8, arts and crafts such as badges, badges, whiteboard. 9, toys, plush toys, magnetic toys, magnetic darts, magnetic blackboard polishing, etc. 10, water pump, such as fish tank water pump, circulating pump and drainage pump rotor, energy-saving pumps, submersible pump and deep water pump, etc. Small ferrite is not small, to name just small make up part of the ferrite purposes, for ferrite fragile features, production and transportation process to handle with care. Ricky xiaofu original post card by the magnet manufacturer to share, if you want to purchase the magnet, please go to the section magnet picture books, contains a variety of material magnet images. Recommend you to read more similar articles; How is the ferrite made? Ferrite permanent magnet production process the latest ferrite magnet main parameters and brand data table some physical properties of sintered permanent magnetic ferrite ( Figure)
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