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Introduce the device under heavy electromagnet

by:Newland     2020-04-28
Described below to the device and the use of lifting electromagnet first divided into eight, electromagnet is a large inductance components. Happens after the electricity, power off nearly kv high-voltage electric potential, will form the manipulation of the electrical breakdown coil pull arc and severe burn out contact and risk. Therefore it is necessary to form a complete set of power, and is controlled by the discharge circuit of special equipment ( We have a match) 。 Magnet on the crane, crane lifting lifting equipment commonly used. In the center of the electronic control set extremely electromagnet power transmission cable is necessary to install cable reel to avoid electromagnet used in lifting the cable tensile ( Cable reel we have a matching supply) , electromagnet equipment electrical control box, cable reel devices on the different lifting equipment. When in operation using the electromagnet suction scrap steel, should choose flat stacking, it can play an electromagnet suction. Absorb electricity, after being current up safe, immediately moved to the feeding direction power feeding, try to shorten the electromagnet electric moment. This can avoid temperature rise too high, can stick to absorb heavy. Electromagnet after feeding power, don't immediately electricity, should be the road open to absorb bearing, electromagnet park on the stacking in the future, again electrify material absorption, early electricity can make the iron and steel scrap below will fly up to is the whereabouts of the electromagnet, the electromagnet to form a great impact, is likely to form the electromagnet coil wire short circuit. Also can form the temperature rise of the electromagnet progress together. To speed up the pole of the wear and tear down the electromagnet suction lift ability.
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