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Introduce application of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) medical magnetic ndfeb magnet _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-01
Magnetic resonance imaging system, the largest and most important part is a magnet. Recognize this magnet grade units called tesla, another common unit is applied to measure the magnet gaussian ( 1 tesla = 10000 gauss) 。 Currently used in magnetic resonance imaging (fmri) magnet at 0. 5 tes pull to 2. 0 tes tension or range between 5000 and 20000 gauss. According to the experience of small magnet industry, basic judgment is ndfeb magnets. A thumb size neodymium iron, has almost comparable performance level ( Material) , about 5000 grams, adsorption on the metal surface, almost without fracture. MRI magnet in addition to larger, and no more than a magnet in the instrument. When two magnets together, magnetic force is superimposed. Because this is a very powerful magnets, so if you don't strictly abide by the preventive measures, if a metal object was to scan room has the potential to be dangerous mass ejection, fly out. For example, paper clips, pens, keys, scissors, hemostatic forceps, stethoscope, and any other small objects can suddenly out of the bag, can you imagine if his hands and shackles on the steel plate, because the magnetic force is too strong to pull out? From getting very high acceleration after body and metal objects, instantly fly to magnetic field ( The patient is located) The opening, it will be for all the threat of affordable housing. When the object close to the magnet, magnetic exponentially on the object. Play with a pipe wrench stand 4 from the magnet. Six meters. You may feel a slight pull ( Depends on the size of the magnet and materials) 。 A approached a few steps, tension will improve a lot. When walking in the magnets within 1 meter, wrench is likely to break away from your hand. In addition, the greater the quality of metal can be more dangerous Because it is influenced by magnetic attraction will be much bigger. Cart bucket, vacuum cleaner, water, oxygen tanks, stretcher, countless things such as the heart monitor drawn into the field of magnetic resonance imaging (fmri). 。 Generally small items can be closed magnet pull by hand. Large objects may be hoist towed, even need to be closed magnetic field, can say, if the metal into the MRI, the room is likely to become the battlefield! If you have to understand more of the latest information about the powerful magnets, or want to learn more professional knowledge in a magnet. Can focus on ndfeb magnet manufacturer's website.
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