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Intelligent sweeping robot magnetic ring ( Specifications and drawings) introduce

by:Newland     2020-04-12
Sweep the floor machine magnetic ring, a steering wheel (applied to sweep the floor machine About wheel) Multi-polar ring magnets on the motor, the main induction effect, security escort for sweeping robot, Ricky magnet card today small fu mainly introduces the effect of it on a sweeping machine, commonly used on the market size, magnetization, and product drawings. A robot hall sensor, sweep the role of the circular magnetic ring ( Injection ferrite) On the sweeping robot walking round the main function is to control the motor speed and steering. Second, sweep the floor machine wheel motor copper commonly used specifications have? Batch production of sweeping machine on the market at present which are the main types of copper specifications, D18 * 2, respectively. 25 * 3. 6,D18 * 1。 96 * 3. 6,D18*2. 25*3,D18*2. 25 * 3. 2, the outer diameter is 18 mm, inner diameter and height is slightly different. Three, sweep robot induced magnetization direction of the circular axial 8, with the number of the main shaft to 16, 24, axial axial 32 these four. Four single multipole magnetic ring, sweep robot more than 2 d drawings is circular and related introduction about the intelligent sweeping machine, welcome vendors would ask the circular sweeps the floor samples, prices, have need other specifications of the multipolar magnets can also contact us. Xiaofu original of articles by Ricky magnet card networks, it is strictly prohibited reproduced without permission, theft pictures, offenders. Related to sweep the floor machine copper products; Sweeping machine hall sensing injection circular and intelligent robot sweeps the floor magnet 8 magnetization
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