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instant scans to give doctors extra insight

by:Newland     2019-09-09
It has been announced that a state-of-the-art scanner with a unique 20-meter facility in Edinburgh will be used to improve the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
The scanner will help doctors to study the cause and spread of the disease and assess their effects on the body.
The Clinical Research Imaging Center is the first such center in the UK and will be opened by the Duke of Edinburgh.
The center is a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian.
It is located at the University Medical Research Institute in the small French area of Edinburgh.
The scanner will allow investigation without invasive procedures
To reduce the need for biopsy or angiography, the catheter is used to identify vascular and organ damage.
Experts will use imaging devices to scan organs in less than a second and learn more about their functions.
They will also be able to track blood flow in blood vessels, such as in the heart, determine the spread of the disease, and evaluate the effectiveness of new drug treatment.
The center has high-intensity magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
Scanner, which can safely identify abnormalities in tissues, whether it is a developing fetus in the uterus or an elderly fetus.
The most advanced computer tomography in the world (CT)
The scanner is able to scan the entire organ, such as the heart or brain, in less than a second. A CT-
Electron emission tomography (PET/CT)
Scanners can identify the spread of cancer using a tracker created by the Rotary accelerator and radiochemistry laboratorysite.
New Trails will be produced to study inflammation in the tissue
A key factor in heart and lung disease, as well as brain changes in diseases such as multiple hardening and Parkinson\'s disease.
Professor Edwin Van Baker, director of the Clinical Research Imaging Center, said: \"In the past decade, imaging technology has made great progress, change the way we look at disease and our understanding of the biological processes involved.
\"Instead of simply looking at the structure of the body --
Like the heart and the brain --
We can see how organs work in real time.
\"It not only helps us to understand the disease better, but it also helps us to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment.
Professor David newbie, R & D director at NHS Lothian, said: \"The world --
The leading new center integrates the latest imaging technology into one facility.
World with Edinburgh University-
Leading clinical research, which will significantly improve our ability to quickly investigate and understand the most serious and painful diseases of patients.
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