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inside a notorious slum now a tourist magnet

by:Newland     2019-09-05
Tourists venture into one of Europe\'s most unknown suburbs.
AFP Photo/Patricia de merlot morrea Source: The spicy smell of food in Cape Verde, France wanders through winding alleys, with palm trees swaying between colorful BRICS --a-
The house sits over Lisbon.
Welcome to the infamous Kuva da Mola, Portugal\'s answer to the Brazilian slums
Now it\'s a tourist magnet.
Taxi driver refuses to venture into the stomach of drug Cova da Moura after dark
Traffickers are in paradise for half an hour north of the capital, which has been seen as one of Europe\'s most dangerous slums.
But tourists during the day
There are about 1000 people each year, including scholars, architects and social scientists.
Now, I am willing to pay the price of five euros for its narrow historical tourfilled streets.
A worker allowed visitors to enter his shop.
Agence France-Presse Photography/Patricia de merlot morrea resources: a dozen Germans stand there this fall and look closely at the huge graffiti of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King.
\"These are the idols of many of us,\" they explained at the age of 27 . \"year-
Old tour guide regindo Spinola, originally from
The Cape Verde islands are home to residents for three quarters.
Inspired by the slum track launched in Brazil in recent years, these visits have a dual goal: \"to clean up the region\'s image as a paradise for drugs and crime, giving a boost to the local economy, \"Miguel Lourenco, who is in charge of the tourism project\" Sabura \", said.
The children of the slum did not know to pass by the tourists.
AFP Photography/Patricia de merlot morrea Source: AFP \"this is not a Gothic neighborhood in Montmartre or Barcelona, but our cultural heritage can take visitors to the world of crafts and music in Cape Verde.
When spenola told the story of Cova da Mora, the baseball cap twisted back, and spenola shook hands and exchanged a few words with his neighbors in Creole.
\"This is a small village of 7000 people --
Everyone knows other people.
First settled on the mountain of Lisbon was the Portuguese who came back from the colony.
However, after Cape Verde became independent in 1975, a large number of immigrants who illegally built houses there poured into Cape Verde.
While Portugal is hungry for cheap labor, they are flocking to Portugal with former colonies Angola and a couple of men and women.
The locals are now mixed up with tourists from the slums.
Agence France-Presse photo/Patricia de merlot morrea Source: 40 years later, with the severity of the economic crisis, unemployment has plagued Cova da Mora.
Those who have jobs struggle like low-paid workers or cleaners.
\"A lot of young people sell medicines and put food on the table of their families,\" spenola said . \".
Some have left Switzerland, Germany or France to seek better wealth elsewhere.
\"Cova da Mola is the gateway to Europe,\" spenola said . \". Others —
Armed with Portuguese qualifications
Although life there is now twice as expensive as Portugal, I have returned to Cape Verde.
In 1982, Godelieve Meersschaert first came to Cova da Moura, Belgium, when he was a young psychologist looking for new experiences.
\"I love this neighborhood and I\'m still here,\" she said . \".
The Cova da Moura community in Amadora is often compared to slums in Brazil and towns in South Africa.
Agence France-Presse photo/Patricia de merlot moreriasori: she and her husband Eduardo set up an association called Moinho da Juventude --Mill of Youth —
It has been working to improve local living conditions, including securing access to tap water and sewage.
These days, gentlespoken 69-year-
The old one is doing new tasks.
Rescued Cova da Mola from the demolition
\"10 years ago, the Town Hall wanted to demolish the block and provide land to real estate developers.
It is very nice to be located at the gate of Lisbon.
\"They organized a libel campaign on TV to get people against us,\" she said . \".
Thus, the idea of opening the area to visitors has started from there to show the other side of Cova da Mora.
Police raid regularly at night, but Cova da Moura is considered safe
Local guide-
After sunrise, the gangs seem to have reached a tacit understanding of leaving tourists alone.
\"Bino\" is a guide and resident of Cova da Moura.
AFP Photo/Patricia de merlot Moreira
Source: AFPOne dealers have even failed in their new tour guide career
Before he was sent to prison for driving without a license.
Judging from the reaction of German tourists to a local rap video condemning police violence to applaud and cheer --
The PR operation is successful.
For the pharmacist Sabine Oster from Frankfurt, the tour \"shows you the other side of Lisbon, not just visiting the same old Monument \".
\"It is very worthwhile to explore Cova da Mora,\" she said . \".
So How bright is the future of this block?
While the new wave of immigration continues to flood covadamora, any new buildings are banned.
Wait to take the tourists to the local restaurant.
AFP Photo/Patricia de merlot morrea Source: \"When a local resident dies, the town will tear him down if his child lives far awaycleared land.
\"They want to bring down all the residents nearby,\" he said . \"
\"This is a gold mine for developers.
In the middle of the 2000 century, the Portuguese government tried to control local crime while funding a massive literacy campaign.
But in 2011, on the verge of bankruptcy, the state withdrew.
\"The authorities are no longer doing anything for Cova da Mora,\" said the sociologist Elsa kasimiero, who studied the neighborhood and the area near it. knit community.
\"But the area will survive because it is united.
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