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innovation: artificial brain for sale

by:Newland     2019-11-20
Celeste BieverInnovation is our new column that shows the latest emerging technology concepts when I attend the first AI conference (AGI)
Last year, I couldn\'t help but wonder if I was wasting my time.
Many speakers are preparing for a world where machines can think like humans, however, it is clear that even if we can create such machines, it will not be very fast.
Today\'s AI software may beat or compete with humans on very narrow tasks, such as playing chess or vacuuming floors.
But an Aggie who can think, reason, remember and deal with any problem like a human being is far from reality.
However, Peter Voss, now one of the most interesting participants in the conference, said his company, Adaptive AI, has launched the world\'s first commercial artificial intelligence.
SmartAction is a \"interactive voice response system-a phone robot like you struggle with to pay your bills or find bank balances.
He said that Voss frankly admitted that his creation was far less than human ability, but it was much smarter than other \"stupid\" phone robots.
You can talk to SmartAction almost as naturally as you do with real people.
For example, Voss says the system can use its ability to track the flow and feel of the conversation to determine who the pronoun (such as her or you) refers.
The system will also infer whether the line died in the middle.
Talk, and call back the caller, back to the \"mental state\" before disconnecting \".
More importantly, the brain is sold with the & dollar tag; 30,000.
It can also rent about 20 cents a minute.
You may think that there is no need for more phone robots in this world, but it is not a bad thing to improve the automatic phone.
If Voss\'s system proves itself AGI, it will soon enter a greater realm.
AGI\'s defining feature is that you don\'t have to program it for a specific task-instead, it\'s able to handle a variety of different issues and learn over time.
AGIs is usually based on the \"knowledge base\" of world information that most people take for granted & colon;
The physical world, for example, is full of objects and creatures, all of whom have known ages and names, but objects often do not.
Software that can reason these facts and establish connections between them, completes the artificial brain by storing the memory of these facts.
In principle, AGI can deal with almost any situation you throw on it without specific preparation.
Other researchers at AGI are cautious about what WOS says.
Stan Franklin of the University of Memphis says they are \"exaggerating\" because it still only performs a very specific task.
But Ben Goertzel says answering the phone is a task worth the AGI to complete, and his company Novamente is using humans in virtual reality to train AGIs.
However, before he spoke to SmartAction, Goertzel had reservations about whether he called it AGI or not.
Voss said he hopes to prepare for the open trial of the system in the coming weeks.
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