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Injection molding magnetic ( Production process of magnetization performance table)

by:Newland     2020-04-13
About injection molding magnetic small make up also introduced some of the front, wrote a few articles, today, still say about injection magnetic, said the injection production technology of magnetic, injection of magnetization of magnetic, highest use temperature and injection molding injection molding magnetic magnetic dimensional tolerance control precision, etc. What are the magnetization injection magnetic? The magnetization, injection molding magnets can be carried out in a variety of ways such as radial, axial, radiation, multipolar or local. Injection molding magnets production process: in the process of forming, material under the powerful injection pressure at the highest state of concentration on the mold cavity completely fill, combined with the material contains thermoplastic binder, make the magnet is of good physical and mechanical properties. Injection molding magnetic material how to choose? Below for the specification shape injection magnetic mainly temperature characteristic, strength, water absorption, solvent resistance, magnets and the compatibility with magnetic powder shape complexity. Temperature characteristic: the highest use temperature of the injection molding magnets depends on its use of magnetic powder and binder. For example, ferrite powder and nylon 6 or PPS composite can pass the test of 180 ℃. And nylon 12 above 170 ℃ in the melt, so if the magnet design using temperature over 150 ℃, nylon 12 is not recommended. To have high magnetic energy product of ndfeb magnetic powder, for example, if its talents and coercive force of 9500 oster ( 760 ka /米) , no matter use which kinds of binder, under the condition of more than 120 ℃, the magnetic properties of the material appears irreversible loss significantly. Products will be listed in the performance of each material the highest temperature. Injection molding magnetic size precision: due to the injection molding product is consistent with the injection mold cavity on the size, so can control product size precision is relatively high. In addition, the material of the binder in the cooling shrinkage can cause the change of the product size, the degree of shrinkage depends on the thickness and appearance of the product. The typical size tolerance for: + 0. 08mm。 Ricky injection magnetic products injection molding magnetic attached table card column directly: http://www. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/chanpin/chanpin_232_1. HTML is more about injection molding magnetic articles; 1, where used injection molding magnetic? 2, injection magnetic table magnetic probably how many gauss? 3, table 4 injection ndfeb magnets performance parameters, injection ferrite with what kind of material more resistant to high temperature sintered ferrite?
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