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Injection molding magnetic do? A total of 11 steps ( Process flow diagram) - - - - - -

by:Newland     2020-05-25
Injection molding magnetic do? A total of 11 steps ( Process flow diagram) Injection molding magnetic is the magnetic powder, resin ( PA6, PA12, PPS, etc. ) Mixed together, additives or other materials, with special injection molding machine produced by means of injection molding magnets. Injection molding magnetic magnetic need but slightly lower than the sintering magnetic but it has precise dimension, the advantages of light weight, thin wall and complex shape, and magnetic can stable, together with other metal parts forming. In many precision now, lightweight, and high performance requirements of electronic products, injection molding magnetic can meet their requirements, it is difficult to achieve for sintered magnets. Magnetic in injection molding process, such as exert axial or radial external magnetic field, can obtain higher magnetic magnets. Mainly used for high performance miniature motor ( Stepper motor, brushless motor) , auto motor, photocopiers, laser printers, magnetic control sensors, precision instrument, etc. Below for the injection molding magnetic production process, injection molding magnetic processing flow chart. If you have any injection molding magnets, injection magnetic ring, quotation proofing customized requirements, find injection CiChang home, zin injection ferrite samples, welcome to contact. Injection magnetic products direct page: http://www. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/chanpin/chanpin_232_1. The HTML related magnetic (injection molding magnets article Production process of magnetization performance table) Ricky is around you trusted injection magnetic card manufacturers: injection molding magnetic magnetic processing
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