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Industrial robot industry expansion bring ndfeb magnet industry opportunities

by:Newland     2020-05-06
In recent 10 years, as the 80, 90, after becoming a major manufacturing workforce, they are no longer willing to a large number of engaged in monotonous, repetitive and poor working environment. Labour shortages appear frequently, resulting in China's manufacturing industry rapidly rising labor costs. According to statistics, nearly a decade in Beijing, Shanghai, zhejiang, guangdong, jiangsu and other developed regions in the minimum wage to keep average annual compound growth around 10%. Labor costs rising fast, has given rise to China's growing demand for industrial robot, which will also brings to the industrial robot dynamic core ndfeb magnet industry development opportunities. From the historical data analysis, China in the field of industrial robot utility ratio is low, China's industrial robots in the future market there are a lot of room to grow. Today, China's industrial robot using density is still lower than the global average level, especially from Japan, South Korea, Germany, etc have very big difference. South Korea is the world's industrial robots using the highest density, average number of robots per ten thousand workers in 395, Japan, Germany, 339 units, 274 units, respectively in China is only 23, less than half of the international average level 58 sets. In 2012, our country manufacturing employees 42. 62 million people, according to the international average level 58 computer, need to industrial robots 24. 70000, if you want to implement the ministry of 100 units per capita goal, our country's industrial robots will reach 42. 60000 units. According to the Chinese industry information network issued the '2014 - 2019 China ndfeb permanent magnet materials industry market analysis and investment outlook report: a 165 kg of welding robot for about 16. 860000 yuan, Abroad) To 29. 90000 yuan, Domestic) Servo motor, which costs accounted for about 15%, that is 2. 54 ( Abroad) To 4. 280000 yuan, Domestic) In between. According to public information, ndfeb magnet in the permanent magnet synchronous servo motor cost about 20%, by calculation, ndfeb magnet cost about 5095 yuan ( Abroad) To 8563 yuan ( Domestic) , at present the ndfeb N35SH sells for about 220 yuan/kg, on the basis of calculation, ndfeb about consumption (23 kg Abroad) To 39 kg ( Domestic) 。 Considering the cost of domestic robot adopts imported servo motor contains higher gross margin, so we think to make a 165 kg welding robots need to consume 25 kg of high performance ndfeb. According to the international robot federation, at present the global industrial robot average annual sales growth rate of about 27%. Industrial robot sales in all major markets around the world, more than half of the Chinese market growth. In July 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said in a news conference to take place the enthusiasm, initiative and policy guidance to study together, to mobilize various aspects strength, the industry needs to be done well. The next step is to support the development of robot industry from four aspects: one is through the 'first sets' and other policies to help the robot industry to expand the market consumption. Second, the innovation way of using the funds, consider using industry fund to support the development of robot industry. Three is to increase the financial sector in the emerging field of support, increasing support in terms of loans, listing, to issue bonds. Four is to increase international cooperation, the introduction of some foreign technology and high level talents. At the same time, with the high-speed development of 'Internet + manufacturing', industrial 4. In industrial 3 0 or synchronization. 0 in made in China, huge growth space robots and automation technology, policy support and industrial capital investment boom has become an important driving factor for the development of robot industry. Agency predicts - 2015 In 2020, the total installed capacity of China's industrial robot system in 630000 - the scope of requirements 1. 7 million sets, total market size will be super billions of comprehensive estimation ontology. Especially in the global industrial robot applications accounted for 61% of the automobile industry, the future is expected to take the lead in outbreak. The outbreak of the industrial robot in China, to the expansion of the application of ndfeb magnet also provides good development opportunities.
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