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Induction motor hall dedicated copper - Ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Hall sensor magnetic ring is usually use what material? Constant speed motor and pump some special hall sensing multipole magnetic ring, mostly ferrite homosexual magnetic ring, the stable magnetic ferrite beads, magnetic pole, provides a stable pole original hall sensor signal, which application is widespread in terms of speed. Below the electric tricycle stepper motor speed magnetic ring ( 8 very magnetization) Φ22。 5 x Φ 12 x 8 ac gear motor magnet magnetic speed regulating motor speed multi-polar magnetic ring 24 pole machine hall induction magnetic ring was mostly with ferroferric oxide iron powder with trace rare earth elements of sintering permanent magnets. Hall sensor ferrite beads are divided into axial multi-polar magnetic ring and radial multi-polar magnetic ring, magnetic method is mainly based on customer requirements for processing production, tongfang sexual permanent magnetic ferrite magnet has a special advantage in magnetization, magnetic orientation can be set according to the magnetizing fixture and optional magnetization. The company's three big commitment: field factory production and processing, experienced, and relevant successful cases. Welcome customized consultation! Telephone: 13602300940 QQ: 2355933625 related magnet products fast navigation: injection copper ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring related ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring article: 1, about the ferrite multi-polar magnetic ring you don't know that something 2, Ricky is around you trusted injection magnetic card manufacturers
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