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In the process of using powerful magnets have any questions to pay attention to?

by:Newland     2020-05-03
In practical application with more extensive and powerful magnets, performance is better, the star is ndfeb magnetic industry, a strong magnet manufacturers, mainly introduces the process of using powerful magnets today should pay attention to what's the problem? Firstly, the working environment in the use of powerful magnets must pay attention to ensure that the magnet is a very good environment around, now powerful magnets in the market still has a lot of potential, and applied to a wide range. At the time of work must pay attention to the most is neat, clean, because it is very easy to adsorption used in magnetic particles, in turn, affects such as iron filings. If is ndfeb material, it is hard and brittle, the characteristics of suction at the same time also can reach more than 600 times their own weight, very easy to absorb and clash. So we are in the process of operation for small specification so try to avoid knock against breakage, if it is a large size, so more attention should be paid to the personal safety and protection. Second, indoor environment is usually a strong magnet in storage, must try to keep indoor and ventilated, dry or wet environment is very easy to let the magnet to produce rust. And environmental temperature do not exceed the maximum work of magnet. If there is no plating product suggest appropriate coating antirust oil during storage, the magnetization products and storage must be far away from the disk, magnetic card, tape, computer monitors, watches and other objects of all sensitive to magnetic fields. Another magnet material is brittle, in transport, plating ( Plating) , or the installation process, it is important to ensure that the magnet from a violent collision, once the improper method, are particularly likely to cause the breakage of the magnet, split, and a magnet magnetization state transportation, also remember to shield, particularly in air transport, must remember completely shield, or on the flight.
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