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In the process of ndfeb strong magnet to notice _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
Magnet application scope is more common in our daily life. There are many kinds of magnet on the market, such as strong ndfeb magnets, permanent magnetic ferrite, alnico magnets, etc. Now, iron boron strong magnet performance is still very good, in practical applications, the magnet is strong magnets. So in the process of using strong magnets, we should pay attention to what? 1, in the work environment, first of all, when using powerful magnets, must pay attention to ensure that the magnet is in good environment, and strong magnets in the market still has great prospects for development, the application prospect is very broad. Magnet is working, the most important thing is to pay attention to clean and tidy, because green well ze strong magnet cannot work normally in a relatively harsh environment. Because it cannot adsorption on the iron filings or particles, if the working environment is bad, the magnet is easy to lose magnetism, will shorten the service life. So, keep working environment clean is one of the most important requirement for strong magnets. 2, the indoor environment is another important aspect. In general, in saving the strong magnet should pay attention to indoor environment, guarantee the indoor air flow, can't choose the damp place to store, must choose a dry environment. A strong magnet is suitable for the working environment not only, also apply to indoor environment. Indoor environment temperature cannot exceed the working temperature of magnet, no plating products can properly oiling, have the effect of rust. Store magnets, be sure to isolate sensitive magnet. The storage environment is conform to the standard. 3. Reduce collision, avoid heating, in order to avoid the magnet demagnetization. Don't let the magnet close to afraid of magnetic things: such as mechanical watches, display, etc. It is important to note that don't let the magnet close to all kinds of magnetic card! A little carelessness will lead to great loss.
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