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In the mobile phone industry can use big role of ndfeb magnet

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Ndfeb magnets in the mobile phone industry can use a big role in basic industrial products now, magnet dominate all walks of life, use a very wide range, as everybody knows, ndfeb magnet is superior performance, reasonable price are developed rapidly. It is widely used in mobile phones, cars, oil, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), sensor, sound, magnetic suspension system, magnetic transmission mechanism and protection equipment and other industries. Ndfeb magnets in the mobile phone industry can use up a lot of role, VCM, mobile phones and other electronic products is a major application of ndfeb magnet market. Such as TDK, it need ndfeb is close to 4000 tons a year. Is the world's largest mobile phone production base, the domestic mobile phone is a rise in demand for high performance ndfeb. Domestic mobile phone production in 2011 9. 9. 8 billion units, corresponding to the demand of about 2500 tons of high-performance ndfeb magnet. Of course, the role of ndfeb magnets in new energy automotive industry is also important, as the world increasingly strict environmental protection measures, the characteristics of new energy vehicles, with its energy conservation and environmental protection are widely concerned. Chinese authorities began in 2009 in parts of new energy vehicle demonstration promotion. Under this background, the domestic hybrid cars entered a stage of rapid development. According to the third party, estimates that the 12th five-year period, total domestic new hybrid cars will be more than 8 million vehicles. A hybrid car with each motor about 5 kg of high performance ndfeb permanent magnet material estimates, 2014 hybrid cars in demand for high performance ndfeb will reach 7500 tons. As people living standard unceasing enhancement, the emerging ndfeb magnets used space continuously enlarge, ndfeb magnet will be more into our life, virtually brought us convenient, ndfeb market share will continue to increase.
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