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In terms of magnet, really nothing can compete with neodymium!

by:Newland     2020-03-21
Institute of the university of Exeter, the mining application mining professor Francis said: 'in terms of magnet, really nothing can compete with neodymium. '' so far, they are the best choice. 'Is a so-called neodymium rare earth elements, is a kind of silver metal, in renewable energy plays a very important role. When it is combined with iron and boron, can create for wind turbine generators and electric car engines are very powerful magnets. He explained that, despite the name, such as neodymium rare earth elements is not particularly rare. Relatively abundant elements. Found in the earth's crust, some of the elements and sounds more like passers-by element copper content is the same. Challenge is that neodymium is largely controlled by a country. About 85% of the world's a nd several mines from China. In northern China in baotou mining caused a toxic lakes and other environmental disaster. Elsewhere there are a few small ore - — Such as Burundi rainbow of rare earths and Malawi Mkango ore - — But as is often the case, even outside of China mine also tend to send their deposits to China for processing. Mountain pass, California, the situation of the mine. Mining and processing a huge bottleneck neodymium is money. He explained: 'there were a lot of rare earth exploration project, if not on to the next stage of investment, the project will gradually slow down. 'Theo is expected, with the increase of demand, other suppliers will also enter the market, more mines will have development space. Neodymium, atomic number 60, atomic number 144. 24, element name is derived from the Greek, original intention is 'twin'. In 1841, the Swedish chemist mo sander from ceria praseodymium, neodymium mixture; Weil 1885 Austria, isolated green's rosy neodymium praseodymium salt and salt, and they are two new elements were determined. Neodymium in content in the earth's crust is 0. 00239%, mainly exists in monazite and bastnaesite. In nature there are seven kinds of neodymium isotope: 142, 143, 144, neodymium, 145, 146, 148, 150, 142 the highest levels of neodymium. Articles from the industry forefront, Ricky magnet card manufacturers finishing editing. Magnet material related articles recommended; Magnet of permanent magnetic material and soft magnetic materials is introduced 2018 rare earth permanent magnet materials enterprises
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