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In October 2019, rare earth export situation in our country: rise price falls

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Now it's already November, October rare earth export data has also come out recently, it is understood that in October 2019, China's exports of rare earth 3639. 2 tons of increase from September, 68. 7 tons, from 1. 9%; Rose 17. 4%. Export amount, 28 October 2019 China's exports of rare earth amount. 8 million dollars, is reduced by 1 September. 3 million dollars. Fell 24. 6%. Export average price, average price of 7913 in October 2019, China's rare earth exports. Eight dollars/tons, from September 516. 4 dollars/tons, fell 6. 1%; Drastically reduced compared to 35. 8%. In recent five years in October, China's rare earth exports for an average of 3398. 5 tons; In October 2019, the biggest exports. In addition, the year-on-year reduction - in October 2019, the total exports 7. 1%, lower than September damping; Reduce - compared to the accumulative total export amount 11. 5% in September, than damped rose slightly. Overall, China's rare earth exports have decreasing, and export average recovery trend. Before August, accumulative total export average performance for upward, although prices on a weak in September and October. The above information is derived from the network, the small fu finishing editing of Ricky magnet card networks. To rare earth export articles; In September 2019, China's rare earth permanent magnet products export data ( Figure) August 4352 tons of rare earth export in our country, fell 17. 0%
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