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In October 2019, China's export growth to the rare earth permanent magnet 21. 7%

by:Newland     2020-04-13
According to customs statistics analysis shows that China in October to the United States last month of increase in the export of rare earth permanent magnet is 21. 7% to 477 tons, for at least the highest level since 2016. Reuters reported that the United States these magnets are widely used in medical equipment, consumer electronics and national defense fields. Below for the export of rare earth magnet U. S. data China is the world's largest producer of rare earth magnets. In may this year, in a trade war with the United States, put forward the possibility of a limited supply of rare earth products in China, but since then the annual production quota to a record high. Rare earth permanent magnet's total exports about 3091 tons in October, a growth in September 5. 4%, an increase of 22. 9%, according to customs data released on November 8th China rare earth exports in October of 3639 tons, a growth in September 1. 9%. Why don't you drop the rise? A view says, this is China with the actual action to show China's power, since want to contribute to world economic development, it should be equally. Articles related to rare earth permanent magnet October export; In October 2019, rare earth export situation in our country: rise price falls
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