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In November 2019, rare earth permanent magnet in China are mainly exported to state what?

by:Newland     2020-03-20
In November 2019, China's rare earth permanent magnet are mainly exported to countries in which area? Below material for looking for magnets. Rare earth permanent magnet in November export country in the top 10 most developed, high-end manufacturing, United States of rare earth permanent magnet products demand is beyond doubt, at the same time, the global manufacturing shift to lower cost of east Asia and southeast Asia, it also makes the Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan import a lot of rare earth permanent magnet products from China. Xiaofu recommend related articles; In October 2019, China's export growth to the rare earth permanent magnet 21. 7% of myanmar for heavy rare earths in rare earth export to start again years later is expected to rise sharply
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