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In July 2019, rare earth export situation in our country: from quantity price falls

by:Newland     2020-04-12
July has in the past, so rare earth export situation in our country in July? Quantity is better than last month, more or less? Industry report online: in July 2019 China's exports of rare earth 5243. 4 tons, an increase of 1277 tons, in June month-on-month increase 32. 2%; Year-on-year increase 15. 8%. Export amount, 49 in July 2019 China's exports of rare earth amount. 6 million dollars, and flat in June; Year-on-year growth of 33. 0%. 【 The 2015 - In July 2019, China's rare earth exports year-on-year, with sequential trend 】 Export price, in July 2019, an average of 9459 China's rare earth exports. 5 dollars/tons, dropped sharply from June 3045. Nine dollars/tons, fell 24. 4%; Year-on-year growth of 14. 9%. It is understood that 1 - China Total exports in July of 28475. 6 tons, compared with the same period in 2018, 30714. Slide 7 5 tons. 3%. The article data from the network, provided by the xiaofu finishing of Ricky magnet card networks. Associated with this article; In the first half of 2019, 1 - June) Amount of rare earth exports rose at a discount
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