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In addition to the servo motor, medical equipment also need to use magnetic tile

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Magnetic tile is typically used in where? We all know that magnetic tile, mainly used in some dc motor as servo motor, massager motor, running mechanical and electrical machine, etc. So magnetic tile except for use in magnetic tile top where there is need to use? Medicine to also want to use magnetic tile medicine to also want to use magnetic tile? B: yes. Hospitals for people, is a sacred place, can heal the wounded and rescue the dying for people in the hospital, will also be able to guarantee for people health. In the hospital is presented, which often appear some symptoms appear, so they need to use a variety of medical instruments and equipment, but the quality of these devices, and performance requirements are relatively high, and many devices also require the use of magnetic tile can achieve the effect. People in life, mainly feed on grain, so ill condition is also very common, but they may often appear in the interior of the body a few small stones, this will affect people's health, and impact on people's quality of life to achieve. Then you need to remove stones inside the body, and at present there is a medical device called nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), can achieve the stone removal, at the same time also can reduce the risk of surgery. In the interior of the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) equipment, will need to use the magnetic tile. Magnetic tile in the interior of the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) equipment, the main magnetic field is a guarantee, at the same time, the effect of stable magnetic field, so that it can be some other changes, realize the microwave oscillation, thus breaking the effect of the internal body stones. Watching you should understand the magnetic tile is not only used on the motor, the company specializing in the production of various magnetic tile like ferrite magnetic tile, ndfeb magnetic tile. If you need wholesale custom, consulting with and without magnetic tile mould problems welcome to contact! Magnetic tile article recommended reading 1, ndfeb magnetic tile in the application of brushless motor 2, 775 motor magnetic tile ( Parameter picture price suppliers)
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