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In 2020 China ndfeb magnets used demand growth

by:Newland     2020-03-25
Almost increasing year by year, the amount of rare earth ndfeb is indispensable, so about 2020 ndfeb consumption in our country, do you think will continue to grow? The increase in the field of what new? View points out: in the next few years, on the whole, China's demand for ndfeb magnets will still rose slightly. Although traditional automobile industry is relatively less in some, but is still a tendency of the development of new energy vehicles, although influenced by policy there will be some repetitive. The ndfeb dosage on the new energy vehicles will be more than a conventional car out of many, so the total will still have a obvious increase. In addition, because of the rapid advance of automatic and intelligent, robot and its servo motor will have a rapid growth, will drive the increased dosage of ndfeb, there are also some new areas, such as high-speed rail, car will have more applications. Relevant information of the magnet; Radial ring of sintered ndfeb magnet, the trend of the development of new energy automobile micromotor rotor magnet Beijing university of chemical Science: the liquid magnet new discovery, infinite space is large in the future
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