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In 2019 China's rare earth industry climate index released

by:Newland     2020-04-29
20, 2019, China's rare earth industry climate index posted on BBS, baotou rare earth industry in China, the index will power 'of rare earths' - — Baotou become rare earth industry information collection and distribution center, speed up the informationalization of the rare earth industry, promote China's rare earth international influence. China's rare earth industry climate index has released two consecutive years, by the China economic information clubs and baotou rare earth products exchange jointly compiled, the index can effectively support the rare earth market running state, reflect the current market activity, to some extent, predict the future, for market participants, corporate decision makers and managers to provide decision-making reference for government, promote healthy and orderly development of rare earth industry in China. China rare earth industry climate index report 2019, according to the second half of 2019, China's rare earth industry climate index for 123. 55 and above 100 JingQiXian, in the 'good' range, compared with last year rose 22. 47, or 22. 22%. Look from the six indicators, the market performance indicators, the highest scores for 143. 55, the index evaluation result compared to the biggest gains is two years, up to 45. 63 points, or up to 46. 60%. Second-highest scoring index is technology innovation, to 129. 03, reflect the enterprise of independent intellectual property rights and core technology research and development. China's rare earth industry climate index is an important part of China's rare earth series index, index series include China's rare earth prices and China's rare earth industry development index, index of three from micro to macro hierarchical guidance for industry to provide large data development, rare earth industry barometer. In China's rare earth series index as the gripper, can accelerate the informationization and internationalization of rare earth industry, promote the international influence of rare earth industry in our country.
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