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In 2018, three kinds of market competition and advantage of ndfeb magnet

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Innovation, industrial transformation and upgrading, and a new era of reform and development of enterprise development strategy of deep thinking for ndfeb magnet. Around the existence and direction, to understand and to make a choice. Conventionally, multiple perspective. You may always have experience, chaoyang dongsheng seems to repeat the hope; Setting sun, a calm meditation night. Sintered ndfeb, bonded ndfeb, hot-pressing ndfeb ( Call it ndfeb three musketeers) Can have a common among applications, mainly displays in micro &special motor products, so there is a competition. However, slight absolute advantage also occupies the application of their own. Sintered ndfeb magnet sheet and sheet product easy to manufacture and processing, and therefore has a volume and cost effect; Bonded ndfeb complex shapes ( Alien) Products manufacturing, unique; Hot-pressing ndfeb is more suitable for small size and high magnetic ring magnet manufacturing requirements of radiation, is a precision design. How to stand in the Angle of the procurement procurement point of view, between sintered ndfeb, ndfeb bonded ndfeb and hot pressing to make a choice? Routine, the same procurement requirements should be integrated multiple elements - — Main consideration or focusing on the sales price, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistant performance; Even to explore the cost of raw materials, productivity, yield, these factors, a comprehensive evaluation. The following forms, lists the stand purchaser side of an application selection reference.
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