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In 2018, the world's major national rare earth resource contrast ( Figure)

by:Newland     2020-03-24
Many people more attention to China's rare earth reserves, new rare earth reserves in our country, in this paper, the special for you to introduce today. China's rare earth reserves have? It is reported, we China's rare earth reserves of 44 million tons, production according to the plan of instruction for 10 2017. 50000 tons of rare earth oxides in 2018 to 120000 tons. New geological exploration results show that China's many areas in zhejiang and jiangxi provinces found new rare earth reserves, at the bottom of the sea in China's maritime research found that the rare earth reserves. In 2018, based on the requirements of environmental protection and regulatory of cumulative effect, an unplanned supply fell to nearly 5 - Minimum 10 years. Below is the world's major countries 2018 fixed number of year of the rare earth resources and recoverable table. Can see from the table, the top three countries are China, Indonesia, the former Soviet union. Guess you also concern: in 2017, the world and had divided don't rare earth ore reserves more than about 2018 major countries in the world of rare earth resources contrast ( Figure) And in 2017 the world and had divided don't rare earth ore reserves, Ricky network card sorting by magnet vendor network share. Article 2019 rare earth information; 1-2019 In February China's rare earth permanent magnet materials industry production smoothly
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