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In 2017, ndfeb magnet manufacturers quality analysis of the industry

by:Newland     2020-05-06
With the development of information industry, as an important part of electronic products of ndfeb permanent magnet materials, with its superior performance, enters a period of rapid development in recent years, production is rising year by year. In spite of this, many manufacturers of ndfeb magnet quality inspection workshop is still the traditional mode of human eye detection, apparently unable to keep up with the pace of industrial upgrading, and the automatic detection equipment has been imminent. Industry analysis, the trend will be cracked ndfeb industry trend of quality trouble. Quality trouble ndfeb magnetic material is an alloy of neodymium, iron oxide, etc, also called magnetic steel, as the important result of the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials, due to its superior performance, known as 'magnetic king'. Ndfeb magnets with high magnetic energy product, JiaoLi and the advantages of high energy density, so that the instruments and meters, electronic motor, magnetization of the magnetic separation equipment miniaturization, lightweight, thin become possible. Ndfeb as sunrise industry of energy conservation and environmental protection in the information technology, automobile, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), is widely applied in areas such as wind power and motor. Ndfeb material production quantity is big, in many industries, Such as mobile phone parts) In the product manufacturing process, its small volume, light quality of workpiece, the application advantages to become difficult in the process of it in the test, quantity lead to artificial inspection workload big, slow speed and low accuracy, makes the product of manufacturer of ndfeb magnet factory qualified rate is generally low. A joke is: a lot of ndfeb magnet manufacturers are busy return. Although it was a joke, but true reflect a lot of ndfeb manufacturers production status. Overall, the main problem of ndfeb industry in our country quality testing has the following two points; 1, the long-term use of artificial detection mode, low efficiency, the disadvantage of artificial detection is subjective high error rate, slow detection speed and high labor costs. These problems have become the bottleneck of enterprise development, and increasingly become one of the factors hindering the development of the ndfeb magnet industry in China. Shenzhen ndfeb factory supply ndfeb magnetic stripe of many specifications, at present there are more than 20 workers, testing workshop ndfeb magnetic stripe number of examinations should be at 1. 5 million every day, for a third of the finished product sampling, each worker test about 25000 pieces each day. Calculated at 8 hours working time each day, each worker don't eat not to drink to detect more than 3000 pieces per hour ( An average of more than a second to detect a) 。 Time is tight, strength, work boring, no fun at all, workers nervous cause a carelessly a bit negligence. All by subjective operation, there is no inspection standard to 2, existing ndfeb magnet testing equipment, single function, can meet various requirements: with the increasing of production, some companies are pursuing new and change, ndfeb magnet using automated inspection equipment instead of traditional artificial gradually, but the effect is not obvious, reason is simplified and equipment function can't meet the demand of detection of many specifications. According to introducing, the company has been using automatic detection equipment, but these devices can only detect a certain shape of ndfeb material, once on the new products, new shape, the old equipment is helpless, had to once again purchasing new equipment. Detection problem existed at present is very large, the number of vendors, according to the authority of ndfeb industry report data to achieve the same output of ndfeb domestic manufacturers more than 220, most of these manufacturers, the above two kinds of problems. In our country, ndfeb magnet production of explosive growth increasingly requires enterprise to its own development model to make reflection. Industry is generally believed that complying with the trend of rapid development ndfeb, adopting automatic rapid detection equipment to replace artificial inspection pattern is the key to solve the problem of detection of ndfeb industry, is also speed up the transformation and upgrading of industry as a whole the way.
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