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In 2017 China ndfeb permanent magnet materials industry competition analysis

by:Newland     2020-05-06
( 1) Our country is the world's leading producer of ndfeb magnetic material production need to use rare earth ndfeb permanent magnet materials as raw materials. At present, our country has the world's largest rare earth reserves and production. Therefore, our country has the production of ndfeb permanent magnet material advantages. Global ndfeb production 13, 2016. Production 280000 tons, of which the ndfeb permanent magnet materials for 11. 280000 tons, accounting for more than 84. 94%. ( 2) Ndfeb permanent magnet materials in China, the low-end products accounted for high production of high-performance nd-fe-b materials in 2016 accounted for about 55% of the global high performance ndfeb permanent magnetic material production, significantly lower than the proportion of rare earth permanent magnet materials. Ndfeb permanent magnet materials in China, the low-end products is higher. ( 3) Supply of nd-fe-b materials in proportion would further improve the outside China of ndfeb permanent magnet materials manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Japan and Europe, including Hitachi metals, TDK, believe the chemistry and German VAC. Our country has plenty of rare earth materials and competitive workforce, coupled with the domestic new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection industry is developing rapidly, the downstream sector demand is bigger, foreign manufacturers began to set up production bases in our country, such as Hitachi metals in June 2015 and CST three-ring in nantong, jiangsu province set up a joint venture company 'Hitachi metals three-ring magnets ( Nantong) Co. , LTD. ', after the completion of new capacity will be 8000. 00 tons. Of ndfeb permanent magnet materials supply in China will be further improved. ( 4) As the composition of ndfeb patent expires, ndfeb permanent magnetic material production enterprises in China gradually participate in the international competition of Japan's Hitachi metals, NEOMAX) And the United States, McGonagall kunduz magnetic ( )麦格昆磁 In the United States, Europe and Japan have most of the composition of ndfeb patent, as of July 2014 has expired. These components to the patent expires, for our country of nd-fe-b materials production enterprises brings new opportunities in overseas markets, and direct competition with the international leading enterprises. During the reporting period, the number of net exports of rare earth permanent magnet ( Exports minus imports) 1, from 2014. 90000 tons, up to 2, 2016. 460000 tons, the growth of 29. 59%. Ndfeb permanent magnet materials industry chain upstream, downstream of ndfeb permanent magnet materials industry mainly rare earth ore mining, rare earth smelting electric power industry and energy, the downstream is the basis and consumer electronics industry and other traditional applications, as well as the emerging application areas such as new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, including wind power, new energy vehicles and auto parts, frequency conversion air conditioning, elevators, robots of energy conservation and intelligent manufacturing. ( 1) The influence of rare earth industry industry policy to this industry of nd-fe-b materials is the most important application of rare earth downstream, rare earth ndfeb permanent magnet material cost proportion of raw materials is higher, volatile prices of rare earth has important influence to this industry. In 2011, the national rare earth using protection policy and the impact of more stringent environmental policies, and excessive market for rare earth protection policy interpretation, rare earth appeared irrational price increases, then prices fell sharply. After 2012, the state has staged a series of policies to promote the healthy development of the rare earth industry, mainly includes: a rare earth mine exploitation of total amount control system, and cancel the rare earth export quotas, cancellation, rare earth export tariffs and clear for the export license management of goods, support the big six rare earth group on all across the country, mining, smelting, comprehensive utilization of resources, integrate the enterprise in order to improve the industry concentration, make standard of rare earth industry conditions in order to improve the rare earth ore mining and rare earth smelting access conditions.
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