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Impact resistance to high temperature and strong magnetic magnet function of the three environmental elements _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
The environment temperature. Because of sintered ndfeb has negative temperature coefficient ( α Br< - - - - - - 0. 13%/℃,α Hcj< - - - - - - 0. 6%/℃) , so using environmental instantaneous maximum temperature and continue the highest temperature will be the magnet itself is not the same degree of demagnetization, reversible and no inverse, recover and no rehabilitation. The humidity of the environment. Ndfeb itself is easy to corrosion, oxidation, we generally adopt the appearance processing means to maintain the permanent magnets, but does not fundamentally deals with the influence of environmental humidity on magnet. The more boring environment, the use of magnets more durable service life. How to measure the magnetic function of concave and convex? There are three main parameters: remanence Br ( ResidualInduction) Gauss, unit, is to measure magnetic foreign can supply strength parameter; Coercive force Hc ( CoerciveForce) , the unit Oersteds, is a measure of resistance to demagnetization to parameter; Gauss - magnetic energy product BHmax, units Oersteds, is characterized by how much of a physical quantity can be stored energy. Permanent magnet high-temperature magnet points two categories: the top categories are: metal alloy containing high-temperature magnet ndfeb magnet Nd2Fe14B) high temperature resistant , samarium cobalt magnet (high temperature resistant SmCo) , aluminum nickel and cobalt magnet (high temperature resistant ALNiCO) The second major categories are: ferrite permanent magnet material ( Ferrite) The internal structure of high temperature resistant magnet its atomic contrast special, itself has a magnetic moment. High-temperature magnet varieties: high temperature resistant magnets such as shape: square magnet, high temperature resistant tile shape magnet, magnet, special high temperature resistant, high temperature resistant cylinder of high temperature resistant magnet, ring magnets, wafer high-temperature resistance high temperature magnets, magnet, high temperature resistant magnets, magnetic magnet, high temperature resistant characteristics of class: high-temperature magnet, samarium cobalt magnet ndfeb magnets, ferrite high-temperature resistance high temperature magnets, alnico magnets, iron chromium cobalt high-temperature resistance high temperature magnets, professional class: high-temperature magnet magnetic components, high-temperature magnet motor, high temperature resistance of rubber magnet, strong high temperature resistant varieties of plastic magnets, magnetic, and so on. High-temperature magnet permanent magnet with high temperature resistant soft magnetic, permanent magnet is coupled with strong magnetic, high temperature resistant to the spin of magnetic materials and electronic angular momentum into fixed direction arrangement, soft magnetic is combined with current ( Is also a kind of combined with magnetic way) Such as current remove soft iron will gradually lose magnetism. Is not the same as the nature of the magnet has the characteristics of different components, high temperature resistant magnetic intrusive are also different. Usually high-temperature magnets to distinguish between different types according to the following four kinds of share out bonus: 1, ndfeb magnet, high temperature resistant, it is now found commercial function of the highest high temperature resistant magnets, everybody called magnetic wang, has a very high magnetic function of the maximum magnetic energy product ( BHmax) Above ferrite ( Ferrite) More than 10 times. Its own mechanical processing function is also quite good. Operating temperature up to 200 degrees Celsius. And the quality of a material is solid, function stability, has good cost performance, but because of its strong chemical activity, so it is necessary for its appearance with polish layer processing. ( Such as zinc plating, Ni, electrophoresis, passivation, etc. ) 。 2, ferrite magnet, high temperature resistant, it is the main raw material containing BaFe12O19 and SrFe12O19. By ceramic technology legal system, and compared with hard and brittle materials, because of the ferrite magnet has excellent resistance to high temperature resistant, low price, function is moderate, has become the most widely used permanent magnet. 3, alnico magnet, high temperature resistant is made from aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iron and other trace metal elements of an alloy. Forging technology can produce processing into different dimensions and shape, excellent machinability. Forging aluminum nickel and cobalt permanent magnet has the lowest temperature coefficient is reversible, operating temperature can be as high as 600 degrees Celsius above. Alnico permanent magnet products widely used in all kinds of instruments and meters and other fields. 4, samarium cobalt ( SmCo) According to the composition of different divided into SmCo5 and Sm2Co17. Because the material is expensive and make it carry out limited. Samarium cobalt ( SmCo) As a rare earth permanent magnet, high temperature resistance not only has a high magnetic energy product ( 14 - 28 mgoe) , coercive force and the temperature of the outstanding properties of solid. Compared with ndfeb high-temperature magnet, samarium cobalt magnet is more suitable for high temperature operation in high temperature environment. Use the halfway point of the high-temperature magnet bar thread hanging up, stop, it will ends of each point to the earth's north and south, to the north called refers to the North Pole or at the end of the N pole, pointing to the south is refers to the South Pole or at the end of the S pole.
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