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If there is a magnet is absolutely round sphere, it have any pole _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
If there is a magnet is absolutely round sphere, it also has the magnetic poles? How many letters are there in the first, the magnet pole or pole where has nothing to do with shape. Magnet portion of the strongest magnetic pole. Regardless of any shape a magnet has two poles, a pole is called the North Pole, N) , a pole, called the South Pole, S) 。 We usually buy magnets, magnetic pole after magnetization depends on the magnet. Under the action of outside magnetic field, the magnet will produce magnetic, that is, in fact the magnet was originally a kind of special alloy, only he can obtain the magnetic a kind of ability. In alnico magnet steel production process, for example, it is made of powder metallurgy method, aluminium, nickel, cobalt, copper, titanium, iron with a certain proportion with powder press forming, and then high temperature sintering in vacuum sintering furnace, thus became a aluminum nickel and cobalt alloy, through change the internal grain orientation and arrangement of heat treatment. Here, aluminum nickel and cobalt alloy divided into anisotropic and isotropic, anisotropic during heat treatment need to add the external magnetic field, so the direction of the outer magnetic field direction will produce more strengthen magnetic effect, and the people of the same material, every direction is almost the same magnetic characteristics. And level of N and S pole is the magnetization of the external magnetic field. Due to the magnetic field distribution of the magnet has nothing to do with the shape of the magnet, is related to filling the magnet direction and the number of the magnetization, artificial filling into two pole, can be filled into multiple, but no matter how to charge, two magnets are in the middle plane of distribution, rendering the whole magnet polarity is the magnetic vector and each point.
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