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Idle speed motor used magnet size is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-13
We provide motor magnet direct manufacturers, wholesale all kinds of motor magnets, customization, open mould, if you have any motor magnets for quoted price welcome to contact us. Commonly used magnets size below for idle speed motor idle speed motor rotor magnet steel, radial 12 magnetization. Auto idle speed motor ferrite multi-polar magnetic steel, the size of the products is Φ 12. 2x12. 3, the height can be adjusted according to need. Santana car idle speed motor magnets Φ 18 x 6 x 25 Φ magnetization above is about the idle speed motor, 2 very commonly used magnet size is introduced, this website all magnet products accept custom ( According to customer requirements of the material, the number of magnet, the magnetization) , welcome for consultation. Idle speed motor magnetic ring magnet product/program
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