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‘i have to beat lanza’: accused south carolina school shooter jesse osborne wanted to get ‘lucky’ and kill ‘150’

by:Newland     2019-08-24
Six days ago, he allegedly opened fire on the eighth elementary school playground.
Grader goes back to his Instagram group chat and again follows his strongest interests: guns and bombs and mass murder of children.
\"My plan,\" wrote Jesse Osborne, who turned 14 three weeks ago, \"is to shoot my dad and get his keys into the truck and drive to elementary school in four minutes, once equipped, shoot out the bottom window of the school classroom, enter the building, take the first class of the 2d grade, and grab the teacher\'s key so I don\'t have to go through any doors.
\"He has been working on other school shooters for months and is determined to go beyond them to know exactly how many people they have killed: 13 from corumbyn High School;
26 at Sandy Hook Elementary School;
Virginia Tech 32
\"I think I\'m most likely to kill people around 50 or 60,\" declared Jesse . \".
\"Maybe 150 if I\'m lucky.
\"On Valentine\'s Day, police also said that another angry teenager, Nicolas Cruz, killed 17 people with semi-automatic AR at a high school in Parkland, Florida.
15, Jesse sits in a court in South Carolina, waiting to see if he will be tried for 2016 of the atrocities when he is an adult, his father and 6-year-old dead.
The two teenagers have a lot in common.
Investigators say both methods torture animals, become obsessed with guns, and boast about their deadly intentions on social media.
Hours after Cruz was accused of crazy killing, when the state again began asking why a group of detectives, prosecutors and psychiatrists had provided answers about Jesse, who is now 15.
He detailed his motives in dozens of online messages
Page\'s penance and long interviews with doctors who assess him provide extraordinary insight into the minds of American school gunmen.
For Peter Laman, one of the country\'s leading experts on this issue, the teen\'s thoughtful approach and lack of empathy reminded Eric Harris of the Columbine killer, Jesse
\"Cruelty, ruthlessness of attack-not only before, but also after,\" Langman said . \" He was not involved in the case but has reviewed Jesse\'s confession.
\"Even if he did, he would not feel fear or guilt.
In fact, a psychologist who interviewed Jesse for nine hours, James balengel, found that the teenager was intoxicated with what he had done.
\"He wanted to talk about how dangerous he was,\" Ballenger testified . \".
\"He wants people to know. ”At the five-
Hearing starting on February.
12. The prosecutor asked Jesse to be tried as an adult because he could only be held until the age of 21 if he remained in the juvenile system.
Meanwhile, Jesse\'s defense team tried to portray him as a lost but misunderstood child, claiming that he was bullied by the child at school and abused by his father at home.
Jesse, who grew up at his chicken farm, likes to shoot, but in the rural community of Townville, 40 miles southwest of Greenville, many boys his age also like to shoot.
He camped out with his admired grandparents and watched his favorite movie Frozen.
He is a history-loving reader who tells his family that he wants to fly into space when he grows up.
Inconsistent with the portrait is Jesse\'s own words, who exchanged dozens of messages in his private chat group, including users from all over the world.
\"I have to beat Adam Raza. . .
\",\" He wrote nine days before Sunday.
2016, shot in a misspelled reference to Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza. “Atleast 40.
Two days later, he began to argue whether he should attack the secondary school he was expelled from, or the primary school on the way.
He decided to go to tangville Elementary School because it was very close and there were no armed guards.
Jesse, who sees himself as a victim of an unfair world, announced online that he will kill children he doesn\'t know and has never seen before, \"before they make nobody big.
\"It\'s like fishing in a bucket,\" he wrote, his friends, whose identity is still unclear, whether the FBI has tracked any of them.
The agency declined to comment on Jesse\'s public case.
During the chat, he said that he had studied the police response time in the area and found that it would take 15 minutes for them to get there and 45 minutes for Swat.
He said he would throw a pipe bomb at each classroom before he exchanged fire with police and committed suicide with a shotgun.
He said he had planned a massacre for two years.
Then a detective found Jesse, and then a 6-foot-tall, 147-pound wispy-
Blonde-eyed voices tend to break, and he searched Google on his phone for these terms: \"The deadliest mass shooting in the United States,\" \"The Top Ten mass shooting incidents,\" and \"The youngest 10 murderers in history.
\"Seven hours after volunteer firefighters nailed him to the ground outside tangville Elementary School, Jesse admitted in an interview with investigators that he shot far fewer children than he expected.
The problem, he explained, was weapons.
He can only reach.
His father put the 40-caliber pistol in the dresser drawer.
12 seconds after he pulled the trigger for the first time, it was stuck on the playground.
The weapon that Jesse really wants, the one he desperately wants, is what he thinks is locked in his father\'s gun safe: the rugby Mini-
14, a semi-automatic rifle, much like one of the deadliest campus shootings in American History 17 months later, fired at Marjory stonman Douglas high school again and again.
He says his obsession begins with a song that mentions corenbyn.
Jesse wanted to know what that meant, so he asked his father, who told him about the April 20, 1999 attack, a groundbreaking moment in the evolution of the modern mass shooting.
\"So I studied more,\" he said in confession . \".
\"Then I checked the other ones.
\"For the most part of his childhood, Jesse seems to be no different from any other child in the 4,000-person community in the South.
Prior to the attack on tangville Elementary School, Jesse had already been in the fifth grade and performed very well in the class with little trouble.
He plays The Catcher in the entertainment program.
League baseball team.
He was invited to a birthday party.
It was not until he moved to a middle school in a neighboring county that his \"other side\", as one psychiatrist said, became clear.
He pulled the cricket\'s legs down, smashed the frog on the ground, and habitually watched the video of the kitten dismemberment.
He also posted videos on Instagram of corumbyn that schools think are potentially threatening.
A claim investigator later questioned that the teenager had become more unstable, insisting that he had been bullied.
A child poked him in the chest and Jesse threatened him.
\"When I come back with a rifle, you will be the one I shot,\" he recalled, noting in court that Jesse \"loved it so much that the boy felt
Then, one day, he brought an axe and a machete in his backpack.
When another student discovered the weapon and reported him, Jesse was deported and arrested and briefly detained before probation.
At that time, as a family,
Court evidence shows that he was swallowed up by violent fantasies.
His parents don\'t know how much they know, but at least once, the couple saw the information he wrote online that they felt disturbing, and his mother admitted to investigators, he is getting harder and harder to raise.
Jesse\'s brother and sister have moved away and he has been alone in his room for a long time, where he plays for the first time --
A few hours of shooting games and searching for gun information on the Internet.
Below a video on YouTube that reviews guns, The Washington Post found him asking a question about the quality of guns
Affordable semi-automatic rifle Point 9mm Carbine gun.
In response to a question in another video about gun licenses, he wrote, \"it depends on your status.
In South kalalina, we don\'t need anything but expensive explosives or machine guns.
At least once, he commented on a video called \"active shooter in school-plan and drill.
Jesse told police that he also found the \"real crime community\" on Tumblr, where fans of serial killers and Holocaust killers gathered to be happy for their shared dedication.
Through this, his fascination with other school shooters, especially Eric Harris and Dylan kleberd, has grown stronger.
His Instagram username includes the \"nbk\" of the movie \"Born Killer\" and the \"kmfdm\" of the German industrial band-a pair of pop music --
Cultural references that often appear in the work of the corumbyn killer.
The couple\'s influence over the past 20 years has been enormous, Lamman said.
He noted that Jesse was at least 33 gunmen who cited Harris and Klebold as influential.
\"Knowing the school shooter doesn\'t mean someone becomes a school shooter,\" Langman once wrote . \".
\"However, for those who are already in danger or on the path of violence, the external effects of other forms of mass attacks may be a factor that prompts them to carry out their own attacks.
This is clearly the case with Jesse, who mentioned Lanza and Harris in his message and mentioned Seung-
Virginia Tech gunner Xu Qiu said in his confession.
On the morning of the shooting, he pre-loaded a magazine for his father\'s pistol and wrote in his chat group that he would \"get on the news\" soon \".
When Jesse accused his father of having little evidence to prove that he was drinking alcohol, he \"started making a fuss\" about the boy, and he took back the pistol and came up and down the stairs, fired a shot at the back of his father\'s head.
He told investigators that he said goodbye to his dog, gave a kiss to his favorite rabbit floppy disk, then put on a vest, filled with more than a dozen rounds of bullets, and then went to school, he got there at 1: 41. m.
\"I hit someone with the first shot.
\"Second, I hit a window,\" he told his interrogator . \".
\"You hit someone\'s first shot,\" one of them asked . \". “I think.
I just saw the red pop out so I just assumed.
They asked him what would happen \"God knows\" if his gun wasn\'t stuck, he said.
Jesse announced at the end of his confession: \"Now I have my own life . \".
\"I may not be able to find a job, but I will at least have my own life.
It sounds strange to a teenager who knows he may face decades in prison, but, as his experts who are going to analyze him soon find out, this comment is linked to Jesse\'s main motivation
Psychiatrist Ballenger with 40 years of experience has analyzed the white supremacist Dylann Roof who killed nine Africans
On 2015, Americans at Charleston church and Democrat Jared Lee lovelner, who killed six people and wounded them.
Member of the state of Arizona, Gifford, on 2011.
What he sees in Jesse is a young man who kills people not because of bullying, abuse, or division of mind, but because he wants to get the life and status he imagined.
\"He will be famous and the best shooter ever,\" Ballenger testified . \".
\"He will be worshipped for a long time.
\"Have you seen him look at the evidence of people\'s statistics and see how he lined up,\" a prosecutor asked him . \".
Ballenger noted that Google searched for other mass shootings before Jesse was attacked.
\"He actually confirmed that he would be the youngest if not the youngest,\" the doctor said . \".
\"This is one of his goals,\" Ballenger told the court \".
\"Be the best shooter-50 to 60.
\"But Jesse didn\'t kill so many people, didn\'t even kill so close, and in a country that barely noticed the school shooting, only one child died, his brief attack drew brief attention outside South Carolina.
However, for Townville, the 12-second gunshots were devastating and made the children, parents and teachers feel guilty and after
Trauma Stress, which was described in detail in an article last year.
A teacher and a student survived a gunshot wound, but Jesse was accused of shooting and killing a 6-year-old student with glasses, Jacob Hall. year-
The first level of the old little child.
Hundreds of people attended his funeral, and his body was placed in a small gray coffin with a ninja turtle statue on it.
He was dressed in Batman.
According to experts who analyzed Jesse, he showed little remorse.
He laughed at his victims and hinted that he had helped Jacob.
In court, the evidence provided by the prosecutor indicates that Jesse\'s concerns about violence have never subsided. After a 15-year-
In January, old killed two students at a school in Kentucky and wounded at least a dozen others.
On the 23rd, Jesse looked up the incident on the computer of the detention center.
He also repeatedly searched for the lyrics of an evil rap song \"One shot to death.
\"My observation of him in this court over the last few days is that he is still 100% in that head --
Ballenger testified that when his crime was discussed, he saw Jesse smiling over and over again.
\"He was very comfortable at this hearing.
This is obviously not what Jesse wants to convey, though.
After his arrest, he studied the symptoms of autism and division of mind, and in an interview with a doctor, he talked about the illusion, including seeing blue people and cartoon characters ScoobyDoo.
His assessor testified that there was no doubt that he was lying.
Ballenger concluded that Jesse is at a high risk of developing an anti-social personality disorder, which is often referred to as a social disorder and cannot be diagnosed until the age of 18.
He suggested that the teenager be tried as an adult and the judge agreed when the document was released on February. 16 ruling.
Not far from the court discussion, if the pistol he took from his father\'s dresser drawer was not stuck, or worse, what might happen, he used a semi-automatic rifle.
On one occasion, Jesse pretended to text him on his phone, trying to shoot a movie where his father entered the code into a gun safe.
Another time, he would put some soap on the button, hoping to leave a fingerprint.
He knew that Jesse could have killed more children with that Mini car. 14.
\"For the media, this is called a Assault Rifle,\" he told the Inquirer before his second lament that it was still locked out.
But he was wrong.
Shortly after the shooting, investigators searched the teenager\'s residence for evidence.
In his parents\' bedroom, they looked at the closet, outside the safe, only a few feet away from his father\'s dresser, and were Jesse\'s coveted weapon.
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