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\'i didn\'t think it\'d be so easy\': engineer gets into a \'locked\' smart gun with just $15 of magnets in simple hack

by:Newland     2019-10-14
If smart weapons can work, they seem to need to be smarter than this one, which can be unlocked with Amazon\'s cheap magnets.
The German manufacturer of the Armatix IP1 smart gun claims that it will \"usher in a new era of gun safety\" as it will only fire in the presence of a special watch.
However, hackers have shown that the device can be easily unlocked in multiple ways using $15 (£11. 50)
Magnet or $20 (£15)
Launch device.
The low idea of scrolling down is that this gun doesn\'t fire, and if it\'s a table a few inches more, press it once
Cable depth report.
However, a hacker, a pseudonym Plore, showed on a shooting ground in Colorado that he could do a smart gun shot without a security watch nearby.
Plore is also able to jam the radio signal of the device so that the owner cannot shoot even if there is a watch present. By placing $15 (£11. 50)
The magnet on the barrel he can bypass the Safety Watch.
\"I hardly believe it really works.
\"I have to fire again,\" he said . \"
That\'s how I found it for $15. £11. 50)
You can beat this $1,500 security material (£1,150)
A smart gun, he said.
Plore also said it was possible to crack the radio of the gun.
Based on security mechanisms.
When the user squeezes the trigger, it sends out a signal to check if the watch is there.
However, Plore uses a radio device to intercept the signal and relay it to a watch up to 12 feet (3. 5 metres)away.
If you buy one of these weapons and think it will be safer, that should be the case, Plore said.
\"I\'m confident I can break it. . .
\"I don\'t think it will be so easy,\" he said . \"
Plore not only allows the gun to fire when held by others, but also uses radio signals to make the weapon completely useless.
$20 from 10 feet (£15)
The transmitting device can transmit radio waves of interference guns.
No matter how close it is to the user\'s gun.
According to Plore, this could be the case with mobile phones.
The IP1 system is designed to improve security when using weapons.
It is mainly used in a crackdown to shoot when a third party (e. g. a child)
A spokesman for Armatix told the Daily Mail to visit the weapon and try to use it at a hot time.
No one has ever asked to avoid the use of a fully prepared attacker or skilled hacker.
\"If you have enough time to access the security device, you can modify it and it may be misused,\" they said . \".
The company recommends that users should only authenticate their watches when wearing them.
They also advise the user not to copy the authentication key from one watch to another unless the user exclusively uses the other.
We all know that even the Pentagon and other agencies/companies/agencies are not immune to hacking, the spokesman said.
They say it may be conceivable to influence this action by placing a strong magnet next to the body of the gun.
\"I don\'t think you have the right magnet when you act in the heat.
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