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hyundai elantra is set to re-create a magic

by:Newland     2019-11-22
Modern Elantra has a trendy design language that looks very eye-catching, while the new generation of the 6 th generation cars adopt a more mature and mature design languageup look -
More suitable for D-shapesegment sedans.
The front profile is mainly Chrome-highlighted hexagonal grille, L-
Fog projectorlamp housing.
The side profile now looks elegant and sober, and the shoulder straight lines highlight the length of the car. The twin 5-
Talking alloy looks neat and even Coupe
The style roof blends well with the boots.
At the same time, the LED pattern on the taillights makes the rear look young and sharp.
Inside, the new dashboard design is strange to Germany-looking.
The car now offers a mature interior look that looks cleaner and more human than ever before.
The cabin is all-
Black with silver brush elements and three-
It feels great to talk and turn.
Some key features include keyless entry and entry, 10-
Power adjustable seat, choice of driving mode, etc.
The rear seat cushion is perfect, well supported, and the leg space is very good. The 8. 0-inch touch-
On-screen infotainment provides automatic connection between Apple CarPlay and Android.
Even if the navigation system looks modern, the sound quality is very good.
Since the car will be driven mainly by the driver in India, it has dual driving
Regional automatic climate control system with powerful and quiet air flow all the way to the rear passenger.
The fit and finish are very good and it is difficult to find any rough edges.
The new 2 is being used in modern times. 0-
Output a 151-horsepower gasoline engine.
The engine is equipped with a manual and automatic transmission.
We had the opportunity to drive the automatic variant of gasoline, the new motor felt very lively, the middle and top were strongend.
The engine offers 14 ARAI certified fuel economy. 59 km/l and 14.
The manual gearbox and the automatic gearbox are 62 km/l respectively.
Diesel is the same try and test 1. 6-
Now the engine of U2 CRDI is more refined.
It still offers the same power of 127 hp and a twisting force of 260 nm.
With this oil burner is 6-
Automatic Speed and manual transmission.
Hyundai claims that diesel elante is the most fuel-efficient sedan in its 22-vehicle segment.
54 km/l according to ARAI standard.
The biggest improvement of this Elantra comes from the driving power department.
Modern uses \"advanced high strength steel\" in the body frame, which makes the structure stronger and lighter, thus improving the handling characteristic.
Although the processing capacity has improved a lot, it still did not beat Germany\'s competitors.
Ride quality has also improved a lot now, without the infamous modern-
Even if the car is fully loaded, the trademark is flexible.
Even on Choppy surfaces, the ride has a cushion.
Usually good pedal feel and bite force make the braking performance progress. The sixth-
A generation of Elantra is equipped with 6 airbags, ABS, ESC, Vehicle Stability Management and Hill-
Start the auxiliary control.
Hyundai is known for its after-sales service, and with the launch of the new Elantra, Korean automakers have announced a new modern premium insurance plan.
Hyundai claims it\'s the best Elantra they \'ve ever had, our whole
Sincere support.
The car is ready to be rebuilt.
Create the magic shown by the previous generation of elante, so it will be the best again --
Sellers of its market segments.
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