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how to take care of your eyes as you age

by:Newland     2019-10-25
Consumer Reports have no financial relationship with advertisers on the site.
Consumer Reports have no financial relationship with advertisers on the site.
It is natural to worry about losing sight.
After all, there are three main causes of blindness in the United States. S. xad—
Cataract, glaucoma and age
As we grow older, everything becomes more common.
But some manufacturers of drugs, supplements and lenses, and even some doctors, take advantage of this fear and recommend expensive, unnecessary or even risky treatments.
This is what you need to know.
Cataract is the only way to treat cataract
The blur of the eye lens will damage the vision-
It is to replace the artificial bad lens with surgery.
Although this procedure is very safe and effective, some doctors recommend doing unnecessary examinations or introducing new, risky lenses.
Skip the unnecessary preoperative examination.
Cataract surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. Only local anesthesia is required to numb the eyes.
Research shows that for most people,
The Op requires you to have no infection and normal blood pressure and heart rate.
However, many doctors often order other examinations, including blood counts and ECG, which are necessary before major surgery.
According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, this is too much.
These tests can have a high degree of association.
Pay the fee and cause a false alarm, which may delay the operation or force you to take additional tests such as chest X-
Ray or ultrasound
So ask your doctor if it\'s planned to recommend this test, and if so, if you can skip those tests.
Be careful with advanced lenses.
In standard cataract surgery, the doctor removes the blurred crystal and then replaces it with an artificial single focus Crystal, which can provide a clear near or far-field view image.
Both glasses have multi-focal lenses, so you don\'t have towear glasses either.
But multi-focal lenses cost as much as $4,000.
Insurance is not usually included.
Even more worrying, a 2012 review found that while these lenses provide better close-range vision, they also generate more complaints about Halo and glare.
Other studies have shown that people with multi-focal lenses are also more likely to need repeated surgery.
If you have astigmatism or irregular-shaped cornea, you may consider high-grade artificial crystals.
Special lenses, called toric lenses, can correct the problem, says David shoreton. D.
Eye doctor at Cleveland Clinic
Research shows that most people are satisfied with them.
But you may need to pay $1,000 or more out of your own pocket because insurance is rarely paid.
Than the month of GlaucomaMore.
2 million of Americans suffer from glaucoma, but only half know.
This makes screening important.
Treatment is also critical because glaucoma can lead to permanent vision loss.
However, the treatment that usually requires several different daily eye drops can be both expensive and complex.
Get the right test.
Glaucoma is often not diagnosed because it does not cause any symptoms until Vision drops, and treatment is no longer helpful at this time.
Therefore, persons aged 40 to 60 should consider being examined by an eye doctor or optometrist every three to five years;
People over the age of 60 need to do an eye test every one to two years.
I know you may need more than one test.
Although many eye doctors screen the disease with tension measurements
Test for measuring eye pressure
This is not enough.
Eye expert Andrew Iwach said the study showed that when screening for glaucoma, relying solely on intraocular pressure may miss half of the cases. D.
Executive Director, San Francisco Glaucoma Center.
Therefore, the examination should also include the glasses, including the examination of your visual nerves.
If your intraocular pressure is elevated and there is no other sign of glaucoma, you may not need to start treatment, which may be expensive.
Instead, your doctor may screen you more frequently. Go to generic drugs.
The most common treatment for glaucoma is eye drops called the front ring analog (PGAs)
Reduce the pressure on the eyes.
Most of these drugs have much cheaper generic drugs than brands. name versions.
Perhaps because of the low cost, it is important that patients who take the drug tend to use the drug better as planned, according to a April 2015 study in the journal Ophthalmology.
I know you may need more than one drug.
Many people need several drugs to control glaucoma, which usually means increasing beta-blocker drop.
In this case, ask your doctor about the drugs used in combination to minimize the number of drops.
Use proper eye drops technology.
Tilt the head back and pull the cover down with your fingers to form a pocket.
In the absence of contact with the dropper, close the dropper tip to the eye and squeeze a drop into the pocket.
Close your eyes for 2 to 3 minutes, lower your head and gently press the inner corner of your eyes.
Try not to blink.
If more than one drop is needed for the same eye, wait between the two drops for at least 5 minutes for the first drop to absorb.
Degeneration of retina
Related amd is the main reason for the decline in vision in the United States. S.
For people aged 50 and older, it can damage the small area near the center of the retina-rash, causing visual loss in the center of the field of vision.
There are two main forms of advanced diseases: dry AMD, which is a more common disease, mainly treated with dietary supplements;
Wet AMD is a more serious form that requires an eye doctor to inject one of three medications a month.
There is controversy about supplements and medications.
Get the right supplement.
Research funded by the National Institutes of Health shows that a specific mixture of vitamins and minerals known as AREDS (
Vitamins C and E, as well as copper, yellow, and zinc in the yellow, corn)cuts the risk—
About 25%-
Dry AMD will progress.
\"This is really the only treatment,\" said M. Neil bressler. D.
Director of the Department of retina, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.
But not all eye creams have the right formula.
In January 2015, CVS was sued for marketing its advanced eye health supplements in error, comparable to the formula used in published studies.
In the analysis of 11 eyes
In the March 2015 issue of Ophthalmology, only four health supplements contain the right mixture: the pre-visual eye vitamin AREDS formula, the pre-visual eye vitamin progesterone formula, and the pre-visual eye vitamin are
Please be careful if your doctor recommends a genetic test to determine which supplement is best for you.
Please keep in mind: These supplements are only used to treat AMD patients.
Don\'t bother taking any supplements to prevent the disease.
Consider cheap drugs.
Each of the three drugs used to treat wet AMDaflibercept (Eylea), bevacizumab (Avastin)
And monoclonal antibody (Lucentis)—
Also excellent in slowing down loss of vision.
However, Avastin\'s monthly fee is only $50, while the others are $2,000.
Therefore, experts recommend Avastin as the first choice for most wet AMD patients.
But some doctors refused to accept the suggestion.
First of all, Avastin is only officially approved as a cancer drug, and there is no suitable dose for AMD.
Therefore, the doctor needs to change or-in this case—
Repackage ingredients.
This poses some risk of contamination, and it is reported that people have been harmed by bacteria entering Avastin.
Therefore, some doctors, especially those who do not have a reliable compound pharmacy, may hesitate to prescribe the medicine.
Some other doctors may have the financial reason to skip Avastin: medical insurance has less compensation for doctors.
This may help your doctor\'s wallet, but it can hurt your wallet: people who do not have Supplementary Medical Insurance may pay up to $400 in out-of-pocket money for divtis, while Ava
Our advice is: consider Avastin, especially if you don\'t have supplementary health insurance.
However, ask your doctor if the compound pharmacy is certified by the pharmacy compound Certification Committee, which means that it must comply with the quality standards.
Editor\'s note: This article also appeared in the consumer health report in June 2015.
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