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How to remove impurities in the process of ndfeb permanent magnet material in the finished product

by:Newland     2020-04-11
Ndfeb magnets, as we all know, basic processing is carried out in vacuum environment, the impurity is too easy to get in. Because of nd-fe-b materials chemistry is lively, so this is in the metal impurity was involved in oxidation. So the finished product need to be electroplated coating processing. However the quality of the plating coating and has the close relationship with its pretreatment, this processing technology in general are: degreasing, derusting and activation process. In the process of the process before this, if one of the links do not clean, can cause electric plating blister, peeling problem. If the defective parts are ndfeb magnet installed on the device, is likely to lead to the entire machine fault. Forging precision than the ndfeb permanent magnet materials, metal materials ndfeb permanent magnet material belongs to the micro groove and its porous plating pretreatment to bring a lot of difficulties and takes time. In addition to removing the workpiece on the surface of the alkaline, acid and processing process into the dirt, to consider how to clear out dirt from the pores. For general requirements is not high low-grade permanent magnetic material, the process before the previous is: alkaline degreasing - Water - Pickling - Water - Surface activation - Electroplating. This process is simple, but it is the requirement of degreasing agent is higher, need to use the ndfeb dedicated to oil degreasing agent, can go to the oil degreasing agent formula is complex, the need variety of raw materials, user preparation process is very troublesome. Since the advent of industrial production of high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine, these problems are solved one by one. Ultrasonic cleaning advantaged cavitation effect can make the residual alkali, acid in the permanent magnetic material microporous get better clear! Relevant magnet products; Ndfeb magnet conventional special-shaped ndfeb strong magnet
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