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How to reduce the cost of ndfeb? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
Due to the rare earth metal prices rose sharply in recent years, the costs of ndfeb formula. Although MAO embryo and finished product price is a vigil to a certain extent. But the relative profit space is reduced, so that the various manufacturers in other than the neodymium praseodymium actively exploring research on the application of rare earth metals. The metal gadolinium iron is widely used at present application of some personal experience. For N points, first in N30 & ndash; N33 products in production, using 30% of gadolinium instead of praseodymium neodymium, can make the formula has a significantly lower cost. Control the granularity in the pulverizing part 3. 8 - 4. Between 2 um. Oxygen control in 100 & ndash; 200 ppm ( Airflow grinding powder) , sintering process of tempering temperature at 580 ℃ heat preservation. 5 - 3. 5 hours, Br11 can be obtained. 3 - 11. 6公斤,Hcj13。 5 - 15. 5Koe, ( BH) m29— 32 mgoe, HK/Hcj> = 92% of rare earth permanent magnet, the N33 & ndash; N35 products in production, using 20% of gadolinium instead of praseodymium neodymium, airflow grinding powder particle size control in 3. 6 - 4. Between 0 um, oxygen content control in 100 & ndash; Among 200 PPM, sintering process tempering temperature at 520 ℃ heat preservation. 5 - 3. 5 hours, such as components in the at % % PrNd26, Ga6. 5%,B1. 15%,A10。 4%,Cu0。 More than 15%, the Fe, under the condition of the process of production, a Br11 can be obtained. 9 - 12. 1公斤,Hcj13 - (15Koe, BH) m34— 36 mgoe, HK/Hcj> = 95% of rare earth permanent magnet. For N38 & ndash; N40 products, also can use 15% & ndash; 5% of gadolinium instead of praseodymium neodymium, also conforms to the quality standards of permanent magnetic material can be obtained. Secondly, in the H file material production, add some Ga to replace praseodymium neodymium, also can obtain the corresponding type of rare earth permanent magnet, such as for PrNd27 in composition. 45%,Ga3. 25%,B1。 02%、A10。 4%,Nb0。 8%,Cu0。 More than 18%, the Fe, the use of hydrogen process pulverizing, size 3. 6 - 4. Um, sintering temperature of 1080 ℃ and tempering temperature 520 ℃, under the technological conditions of Br11 can be obtained. 8 - 12. 1公斤内禀矫顽力> = 18。 (5KOe, BH) m34— 36 mgoe, HK/Hcj> = 95% of the permanent magnets, one hour at 90 ℃ ageing test, the irreversible loss of Br is less than 4%, the material used in electric bicycle motor magnets, in order to get customer recognition, such as using the conventional grinding powder process, more can also be used to partly replace PrNd around 10% of the Ga can also be a small amount of, and Ga can also be a small amount of replace parts with Dy, improve the intrinsic coercive force of material, but it is important to note that the application of Ga to Br is negative, the influence of excessive add depress Br, if used in moderation can achieve lower costs, ensure the effect of the treatment. For example, in N30H & ndash; N33H add in the amount of around 20%, while in N38H and above brand production quantity is added on the 5% & ndash; 8%. The same token, in SH and UH gear products, according to the requirements of the Br is different, we also do a lot of experiments, are part of the Ga is used to replace the PrND, achieve the goal of cost reduction. In add Ga permanent magnetic material machining process, we also do a lot of contrast test, the density of control is the key, in the density of 7. 4 - 7. Between 5, and don't add Ga Ga and add at the same speed on the basic of the same material in the chip, its material brittleness and no difference. The above is my for gadolinium iron used in ndfeb production some practical experience, take it out for your reference, the same also hope everyone comment.
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