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How to pick a strong magnet ndfeb wouldn't 'scam'? 「」

by:Newland     2020-05-09
Ndfeb strong magnet are of variable quality on the market, the broad masses of customers should be how to choose the magnet will not 'scam'? By below small make up for your rough idea about how can produce the good quality of ndfeb strong magnet. Judgment method 1: consider the performance of the magnets, ndfeb strong magnet magnetic can be made by the raw material of production process, the enterprise requirements, production technology and influence factors, such as magnetic field direction. According to the national standards, to produce high-grade powerful magnets or middle-grade or low-grade sintered magnets, choose and buy different quality raw materials. Advanced production technology of sintered ndfeb strong magnet determines the magnet performance and quality. Existing technology makes the magnet has a relatively high performance. Judgment method 2: observation in the process of production from the production process, monitoring is also very important. The quality of the product depends on the production process of supervision, but customers will want to know the performance of the products they buy. We can use some measuring instrument to measure, so the customer will determine whether the products accord with the requirement of national standard. Customers can also according to the magnet parameter BR ( Remanence) 、HCB( Coercive force) 、Hcj( Intrinsic coercive force) 、( BH) max( The maximum magnetic energy product) Select the desired level of iron and boron, and according to the need to select products. Above, is to produce high quality skill of ndfeb strong magnet. Dongguan we magnet co. , LTD. : http://www. citie51。 com
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